Company Profile

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (SEER) is a one-stop solution provider for intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics. The company is committed to the construction of core control infrastructure and providing controller, AMR, logistics digitalization and visual AI solutions to help enterprises realize smart manufacturing and logistics transformation while enhancing efficiency and value in a comprehensive manner.


One-stop Solution for Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Logistics


Four Solutions | Perfect Lines of Seer Products


AMR Manufacturing and Integration Facilitator

As a leader in the smart logistics industry, SEER is a trusted partner of many major domestic and international enterprises. Its superb product performance and refined service processes have helped over 800 integrators, robot manufacturers, and end customers in the computers, communications, and consumer electronics; semiconductor; lithium battery; automobile; pharmaceuticals; and FMCG sectors realize smart logistics transformation.



SEER Advantages

To deliver “Standardized Products, Customized Applications”, SEER adheres to the product concepts of upward integration, downward development, and full-scenario solutions. SEER’s people-oriented software and hardware implementation tools help solve problems from the root, realize the intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises, and empowers smart logistics across various industries.


Core Control | True Integration

SEER’s proprietary core controller provides enterprises with factory-wide smart logistics solutions that realize true integration rather than the subcontracting typical of other industry solutions.


Large Robot Library | Full Coverage + Zero Development Costs

Built-in SEER controllers empower a large library of robots with convenient dispatch functionality to realize full coverage of requirements. Zero-cost upper-layer system development meets project upgrade requirements, realizes true integration, greatly shortens the delivery cycle, and saves on both time and capital investment.


Various Application Scenario Experience | 800+ Projects

Adhering to its mission of “Standardized Products, Customized Applications”, SEER provides one-stop solutions to continuously empower 300+ end customers, 200+ integrators, and 300+ robot manufacturers in sectors such as computers, communications, and consumer electronics; semiconductors; lithium batteries; automobiles; pharmaceuticals; and FMCG across 5,000 application scenarios.


SEER Development Journey

SEER Brand Values

SEER always sticks to [achieve own value through bringing benefits to others, integrity and breakthrough thinking, entrepreneurship and pursuit of excellence] brand values, earnestly keeps the original intention and achieves common growth, creates the value for the partner and happiness for the employee.

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