● Standard ○ Adaptation - None
Product model
Basic parameters
Navigation methodLaser SLAM
Drive modeTwo-wheel differential
Pickimg methodRotating fork hug + 2D vision correction + Guide bar
Shell colorBlue + White / Glossy
Rotation diameter1600mm
Weight (with battery)400kg
Maximum load of material box30kg
Overall maximum load of robot150kg
Basket number 3
First layer basket ground clearance400mm
Basket layer spacingLayer spacing 450mm, max box height 330mm, min box height 120mm
Applicable material box size600*400*300mm
Fork finger length (the distance from the end of the finger to the side plate when the finger is horizontal)100mm
Minimum picking height400mm
Maximum picking height1860mm
Distance between the fork rotation center and the robot rotation center337mm
Space between left and right or back to back of material box110mm/110mm
Chassis ground clearance25mm
Laser scanning height165mm
NetworkEthernet / Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Running noise≤75dB(A)
Ambient temperature and humidity rangeTEMP: 0~50°C / RH: 10~90%, no compression, no condensation
Working altitude-60m~3000m
Ambient light immunity≤6000lx, no direct sunlight
IP ratingIP20
Performance parameters
Passability (slope/step/gap)≤2%/3mm/7mm
Minimum passable width1200mm
Navigation location accuracy±10mm
Navigation angle accuracy±1.0°
Navigation speed≤ 1.3m/s
Maximum lifting speed0.5m/s
Fork rotation 90° time2s
Average picking / placing time of external shallow location7.5s/7.5s
Internal average picking / placing time4.0s/4.0s
Emergency braking distance≤ 1m
Map area (single)≤ 400000m²
Battery parameters
Battery specifications48V/35Ah(Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Comprehensive battery life6h
Charging time (10-80%)≤ 1.5h
Charging methodAutomatic
Battery cycle number> 2000
Lidar number2(SICK nanoScan3 + OLEI LR-1BS2)
E-stop button
Ambient light
Bumper strip
Lifting limit protection
Lifting anti-falling
Motor shaft lock protection
Adjustable tray
Basic functions
Wi-Fi roaming
2D recognition for picking / placing material box
Bar code recognition of material box
Material box detection on basket
Material box detection on fork
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