AMB Series Mobile Robots

The AMB (Auto Mobile Base) series are standard AMR chassis equipped with laser SLAM technology; core mapping, positioning, and navigation functions; and abundant internal extension portsthat allow for the mounting of upper modules to adapt to a variety of AMR applications. It offers a wide range of expansion platforms from 150 kg to 500 kg to meet the load and scenario requirements of different industries. It can also be used with manipulators, rollers, jacking, latent traction, pan/tilt, display screen, etc. to achieve multiple applications with one chassis. Laser SLAM algorithm is used to achieve high-precision localization, with the laser non-reflective repeated locating accuracy within ±5 mm, enabling seamless docking between mobile robots and between mobile robots and humans, and efficient flow of cargoes among various points.

Jacking Robots

The AMB-J and SJV series of laser SLAM standard latent jacking transfer robots come equipped with an internal SRC core controller and smart recognition functionality. They are capable of satisfying a variety of transfer scenarios with a load of 150-1000kg, and provide efficient and rapid solutions for rack transfer.

Packing Robots

The world’s first laser SLAM Multilayer Picking Robot, equipped with SRC series core controllers. By utilizing Visual AI, the controller realizes the accurate picking and placement of materials and flexible matching of multiple operational heights to meet the flexible connection requirements of different platforms such as rollers, shelves, latent AGVs, and manual workstations, and serves as the perfect facilitator for factory’s lineside warehouses.

SEER Advantages
Core Control | True Integration
Core Control | True Integration
SEER’s proprietary core controller provides enterprises with factory-wide smart logistics solutions that realize true integration rather than the subcontracting typical of other industry solutions.
Large Robot Library | Full Coverage + Zero  Development Costs
Large Robot Library | Full Coverage + Zero Development Costs
Built-in SEER controllers empower a large library of robots with convenient dispatch functionality to realize full coverage of requirements. Zero-cost upper-layer system development meets project upgrade requirements, realizes true integration, greatly shortens the delivery cycle, and saves on both time and capital investment.
Various Application Scenario Experience |  800+ Projects
Various Application Scenario Experience | 800+ Projects
Adhering to its mission of “Standardized Products, Customized Applications”, SEER provides one-stop solutions to continuously empower 300+ end customers, 200+ integrators, and 300+ robot manufacturers in sectors such as computers, communications, and consumer electronics; semiconductors; lithium batteries; automobiles; pharmaceuticals; and FMCG across 5,000 application scenarios.
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