SFL-CDD14 for VNA! Dedicated to improving productivity in industrial equipment manufacturing

Background Of The Project

The customer coming on the scene is mainly engaged in the production, manufacturing, research, development and application of high-voltage variable-frequency drives, with a plant area of over 5,500 square meters and a footprint of about 15,000 square meters. Owning strong technical force, the customer is committed to providing high-quality high voltage variable frequency drives, and delivering varied applications as well as comprehensive & complete services.

Customer Issues

1. The contemporary industrial equipment manufacturing industry urgently needs a technical upgrading on intelligent production, so as to improve the automation and intelligentization level of the production line, stabilize the material transfer pace, and timely respond to the material demand of the production line. 2. Some places are too narrow to run conventional forklifts; complex on-site working conditions, disorderly human and vehicle moving, frequently changed reference objects coupled with strong interference, all of these factors are not conducive for normal AMR operation.


Solution make-up

1. SFL-CDD14 | Laser SLAM small stacker automatic forklift

2. SFL-MP10S | Laser SLAM on-ground automatic forklift

3. RDS | Synergistic Resource Dispatching System

4. MWMS | Integrated Warehouse Management System

5. Charging pile

6.One-stop implementation kit | Roboshop Pro

7. Bin location detection module

8. Traffic-light module

9. Door detection sensor

Operating procedures

1. After the materials are pulled to the warehouse staging area, the corresponding bin location detection module transmits the location information to RDS, and the system records the location status.

2. The warehouse issuers place transportation orders to the system through PDA.

3. After processing, the system dispatches a forklift to transport materials to the receiving location.

4. Before returning, the bin location sensor will automatically detect whether there is an empty pallet on the location. If yes, the forklift will take it when returning.

Difficulties in Implementation

1.Part of the space is so cramped that conventional forklifts cannot be used.

2.The on-site working conditions are complex, man-machine mixed operation, frequent changes of reference objects, and great interference, which is not conducive to conventional AMR operation.

Solution Highlights

1.SFL-CDD14 is embedded with an SRC core controller, and is perfectly connected to the factory system through the RDS (Synergistic Resource Dispatching System) for flexible scheduling, realizing the collaborative operation of material management and AMR scheduling.

2. SFL-CDD14 vehicle body features a small radius of gyration, and can operate flexibly in the VNA (very narrow aisle).

3. Equipped with the advanced function of pallet detection, it can adjust the pallet placing angle in time. Accurate forking can also be manipulated even when there is a position deviation.

4. In view of drastic changes in the site environment, the dynamic map navigation function is adopted to ensure a stable operation.

5. The RDS coordinates the traffic-light module and the door detection equipment, and prompts a notification to the operator at the traffic management node to realize personnel interaction.

6. Through the 3D obstacle avoidance lasers, safety rims and many other sensors, a 360° all-round safety protection is guaranteed without fear of suspended obstacles, ensuring human & robot safety.(Suspended obstacles: hopper, bottom-hollowed console and shelf)

Benefits To Customers

Thanks to the end-to-end industrial logistics solutions provided by SEER Intelligent, our customer realized a stable material transfer pace and greatly improved its productivity. At the same time, the seamless interaction between AMR and human retains the original work processes and working habits of employees to the greatest extent, ensuring the operation safety on the site.

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