SEER+ gathers intelligent manufacturing to create a digital exhibition hall of Siemens

Background Of The Project

SEER and Jicui Intelligent Manufacturing have joined forces to create the Siemens Industrial Innovation Center exhibition hall, which is used to display siemens intelligent audio, driving recorders and other products.

Customer Issues

In this issue, SEER provides a composite robot and an RDS unified resource scheduling system, combined with a combination of intelligent arm and MES system, to provide intelligent and integrated solutions for the exhibition hall of the Innovation Center and build a digital display platform.


The customer's MES system can launch a personalized waybill according to business needs through the SEER standard WEB API interface, and smoothly complete the whole process of product production.

Solution make-up

1. AMB-based composite robot

2. Automatic charging station

3. RDS Unified Resource Scheduling System

4. One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro

5. Extraction manufacturing MES system

Solution Highlights

During the implementation of this program, SEER engineers do not have to go to the site, but only provide customers with standard product application documents and specific scenario implementation recommendations. That is, it realizes the rapid landing of the program and greatly reduces the learning cost and implementation cost of customers.

This is the visual embodiment of SEEer's "building a non-standard solution with standardized products". Human-centered hardware and software facilities not only achieve the effect of significantly shortening the project implementation cycle, but also bring unimaginable value to integrators and end customers who use SEEER solutions and products.

Benefits To Customers

A good product can not only solve the problem for the customer, but also be simple and easy to use. This requires that our solution + products not only run smoothly and implement smoothly, but also let customers feel the extremely high standards, fluency and simplicity of SEEER's full line of products in the process of daily use. Say goodbye to "bumping", "pinching and crooked", "time-consuming and laborious", after all, time is the first productive force, fast landing, convenient deployment, efficient production is our common goal!