The King Of AMR Controller Cost Performance From SEER Robotics

Background Of The Project

The automation company hoped to achieve intelligent transfer of engine materials in the automation equipment production shop through the introduction of AMR solutions, replacing the original manual work, thereby improving the efficiency and flexibility of the workshop operation.

Customer Issues

The engine belonged to the heavy material, the manual transfer efficiency was low, the timeliness was poor, the labor intensity was high, resulting in the comprehensive cost increased. Combined with the workshop environment and transportation needs, the automation company hoped to choose a large load and cost-effective AMR, because it had its own ability to manufacture AMR.


On the one hand, the handling needs of the enterprise were relatively simple and clear, and most 「Controllers」on the market had various functions and were expensive at the same time, but for the enterprise, the controller with core functions can meet the needs. SRC-800 was the entry-level mobile robot controller developed by SEER Robotics, which was price friendly and meet the needs of 「Lightweight」 customers, avoiding overuse and causing waste of resources.

On the other hand, the company as an auto parts manufacturer, the production of automation equipment were relatively large, high requirements for AMR load, SRC-800 strong adaptability, can help the company to manufacture various types of AMR, easily meet the needs of large load handling.

In addition, with the RDS「Unified Resource Dispatch System for Robots and Automation Devices」, multiple SRC-800-based AMRS can be integrated scheduling at the same time to complete the engine automatic transfer service.

Benefits To Customers

SEER Robotics Entry-level AMR Controller SRC-800 successfully helped the automation company to independently manufacture AMR, while using SEER Robotics digital software RDS「Unified Resource Dispatch System for Robots and Automation Devices」to achieve all AMR coordination operations, efficiently help it complete the engine transfer work, and help the intelligent upgrade of logistics in the plant.

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