Chuzhou HKC works with SEER Robotics to build in-plant intelligent logistics to help the workshop transfer efficiently!

Background Of The Project

Recently, the Chuzhou HKC mobile robot project, the leader of panel manufacturing service of SEER Robotics, was officially put into use in the workshop, helping it to build an intelligent logistics workshop, maximize the efficiency of cargo transfer, and provide strong support for the whole process business of the production line.


ChuZhou HKC Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. was established on September 11, 2017, with a total investment of about 24 billion RMB, covering an area of 1200 acres, mainly producing ultra high-definition LCD panels, is Anhui Province enterprise technology center and Anhui Province smart factory demonstration enterpris.

Customer Item Comment

Chuzhou HKC production workshop equipment are highly automated and intelligent state, in order to further improve the transfer efficiency of workshop materials, achieve the optimization of production rhythm, reduce the front-line staff and reduce the work intensity of employees, Chuzhou HKC plans to introduce mobile robots to optimize the warehousing and transportation process.

After several rounds of screening and comparison, Chuzhou HKC decided to introduce various types of mobile robots based on SEER Robotics mobile robot controller SRC-2000, including the Latent Lifting Robots, Roller Lifting Robots, Autonomous Forklifts, etc., for cross-zone and cross-floor transfer of goods.

The AMR Building Solution

Based on the SRC controller as the core of the one-stop AMR building solution, combined with the actual cargo transfer operation of the Chuzhou HKC workshop, SEER Robotics worked with partners to match different types of mobile robots.

Both lifting robots are equipped with the General-purpose AMR Controller SRC-2000-I(S), and the Specified Controller for Autonomous Forklift SRC-2000(F)S, combined with the 「Fleet Management System: RDS」, can unified management of all robot task receiving and distribution, traffic control, automatic charging and other work.

The Latent Lifting Robot can be used for latent handling of goods, and is used for cross-floor elevator transport and cross-regional transport of goods in the warehouse.

The Roller Lifting Robot can be used to transport and transfer goods, and cooperate with the roll docking platform in the warehouse for automatic loading and transfer of material boxes.

The Autonomous Forklift can be used for handling, stacking, lifting goods, and cross-zone transfer of goods in the factory.

Program Highlights

SEER Robotics' one-stop AMR building solution perfectly solves the problem of cross-zone and cross-process transportation of goods in the warehousing scene of Chuzhou HKC workshop, and at the same time alleviates the problem of recruitment. Based on the innovative man-machine collaboration mode, employees are more active and create more benefits.

In this solution, SEER Robotics customized multiple types of mobile robots for Chuzhou HKC to meet the needs of multiple lines and multi-scene handling, which met the business needs. At the same time, with the unified resource scheduling system, based on the global setting of the optimal mobile robot task allocation scheme, improve the robot utilization rate, and promote Chuzhou HKC to achieve overall regulation and intelligent scheduling.

Benefits To Customers

The successful landing of Chuzhou HKC mobile robot project marks its successful exploration of automation and intelligence in workshop logistics, and realizes the phased automation of goods across regions and processes, which not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also provides valuable experience for the subsequent intelligent exploration of the whole process of the workshop.