SEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for Instrumentation Processing Workshop
Background of the project
The customer is a large state-owned enterprise, mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacture of electronic measuring instruments, automatic test systems and components. The products are widely used in such fields as satellite, communication, navigation, radar, scientific research and education. In the product processing workshop, the processing zone for semi-finished products needs to be frequently changed.
Customer issues
Manpower transportation will take up a lot of manpower, and easily cause mistakes, which seriously restricts the production efficiency of the company. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the automation of the workshop logistics.
SEER solutions
According to the customer on-site situation, SEER assisted the integrator to provide the customer with an integrated solution covering the SRC-powered latent jacking mobile robots, the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro and the SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization MP (SEED) and the calling PDA.
The workshop has a total of four production zones, with 11 processing stations, each equipped with a calling PDA. When one station requires transfer, the dispatching system will arrange the most suitable robot to perform the transfer task through a hand-held PDA. Each robot can perform two-way transportation for all stations according to the requirements in the business order.
Difficulties in implementation and countermeasures
  1. Due to the narrow space in the workshop, only one robot is allowed to pass when the car body is carrying the shelf, and effective scheduling is required to ensure that other robots do not appear in the narrow passage at the same time, thereby avoiding problems such as collision and deadlock.
  1. The site is divided into different zones via SEED. When one of the robots is in a certain working zone, other robots can only run or wait outside the working zone, thereby solving the difficult problem of implementation on the site.
Benefits to customers
  1. Manpower is liberated by using robots to substitute human workers in manual transfer, allowing technicians to put more time and energy into product R&D and testing, and improving the production efficiency of the workshop.
  2. The intelligent logistics solution from SEER solves the problem of error in manual transportation, promoting the realization of automated and intelligent workshop.