SEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for Electronic and Electrical Product Processing Workshop
Customer issues
The customer is a leader in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, mainly engaged in the R&D and production of series products of automation systems, and supplying them to domestic and global industrial markets. In the production workshop of a certain product of the company, the intelligent assembly line needs to be connected to the packaging line. The labor transportation will take a lot of manpower; and the setup of an assembly line will take up a lot of space because the distance between the two production lines is long. Therefore, a flexible and efficient mobile robot solution is required to connect the production lines.
SEER solutions
SEER assisted the integrator to successfully implement the project according to the situation of the customer's workshop. In this project, an integrated solution covering the AMB-powered roller robots, the calling PDAs, the dispatching servers, the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro and SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization (SEED) helped the customer solve the problem of connection from production line to automatic transportation.
In this solution, SEED is used to connect the user's MES system; when the manual station has the demand for loading and unloading, a call will be made by a hand-held PDA, and the dispatching system will respond immediately, and the most suitable robot will be selected to perform the task and complete the production line connection. After the task is performed, the dispatching system will issue instructions to return the robot to the designated standby area.
Difficulties in implementation and countermeasures
  1. There is a beam at the workshop site with a height limit of 910 mm, which is lower than what is required for connection with the roller line;
  2. There are operators at the site moving around the robot's running line, which may conflict with the robot, and requires a comprehensive obstacle detection mechanism and early warning mechanism.
  1. For the on-site situation, the upper layer mechanism that can be raised and lowered is customized on the AMB series unmanned chassis, and its lifting is controlled by the dispatching system.
  2. Dual laser mobile robots are used to ensure the detection of obstacles at 360° without any dead zone; and a zone division is executed by the software to reduce the speed of the robot in the zone where the flow of people is large, and ensure the transportation safety.
Benefits to customers
  1. The intelligent logistics solution of SEER helped the customer easily solve the problem of connection to the production line of the workshop.
  2. Robots are used to substitute human workers in material transfer, reducing labor costs and improving transportation efficiency while raising the automation and intelligence level of logistics in the workshop.