SEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for 3C Manufacturing Workshop
Customer issues
As one of the leading companies in the 3C manufacturing field, the customer is mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of consumer electronic products and their components such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones and automotive components. In the processing workshop, due to its large size and many workstations, supplying raw materials to each station through manpower transportation is not only inefficient, but also incurs higher labor costs. In order to further improve production efficiency, it is urgent to solve the problem of automated transportation for material racks in the workshop.
SEER solutions
According to the on-site situation of the workshop, SEER assisted the integrator to implement the logistics automation transformation of the plant workshop, and helped the company realize logistics automation in warehouses and workshops through an integrated solution covering the AMB-powered latent traction mobile robots, the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro and SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization MP (SEED).
According to the production situation of each workstation, the user's MES system sends instructions to the robots, and the robots respond in time to transport the raw material from the warehouse to the workstation; dozens of AMB-powered latent traction mobile robots ensure the supply of the raw material to each workstation.
Difficulties in implementation and countermeasures
  1. Great staff mobility of the workshop easily triggers a series of unpredictable dangerous situations such as collisions and deadlocks;
  2. The plant workshop has a large area and many workstations, requiring an effective scheduling system for deployment.
  1. Dual laser mobile robots are used in this implementation scheme to ensure that the robot can detect obstacles (including pedestrians) at 360° without dead zone when walking forward or backward, thereby ensuring the safety of personnel and cargoes during transportation and improving transportation efficiency;
  2. With SEED, the mobile robots are effectively scheduled to ensure the supply of raw materials for each workstation.
Benefits to customers
  1. Use robots to substitute human workers in material transfer, liberating the workforce engaged in the logistics and transportation of the entire workshop, and greatly reducing labor costs and personnel management costs for the plant;
  2. Adopt SEER intelligent logistics solution, greatly improving the logistics & transportation efficiency of the workshop while ensuring the logistics & transportation safety of the workshop.