SEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for Automotive Parts Workshop
Customer issues
The customer is a global leading automotive parts manufacturer ranking among the world's top three in modules of automotive exhaust, interior, seat and sound absorption, etc. At a branch office in East China, the production zones of parts and components are dispersed because of a huge workshop area. The finished products need to be stored in the warehouse after they are processed. The original manual transportation required a lot of labor and was inefficient. So it is necessary to improve the automation level of the workshop.
SEER solutions
According to the site situation, SEER assisted the integrator to implement the project, and helped the company realize the automation of logistics between the warehouse and the production line through an integrated solution covering the SRC-powered latent jacking mobile robots, the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro and SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization MP (SEED).
The user's site has a total of 6 production lines and 8 storage locations. The user's MES system is connected to SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization MP (SEED) to perform the business order management and the real-time management of the storage locations; Seer Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization Middle-platform issues business orders to the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro, which then performs optimal task assignment and optimal path planning for the SRC-powered latent jacking mobile robot, and completes material transportation between the production line and the storage location.
Difficulties in implementation and countermeasures
  1. The workshop's area is huge, the environment of the site changes a lot, the number of points that can be referenced is small, and the reference objects for laser localization and navigation are few;
  2. The user does not have a management system for storage locations.
  1. When building a map with the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro, reduce references to points that vary greatly; and limit the use of the mobile robot's running route zone to avoid the stacking of other racks and cargoes in the robot's running channel.
  2. Perform real-time monitoring of the storage locations via SEED to ensure smooth transportation.
Benefits to customers
  1. Laser SLAM navigation is applied throughout the process without modifying the site, thereby fully meeting the on-site transfer requirements and realizing logistics automation while saving a lot of labor costs;
  2. The problem of the user's storage location management is solved through SEED, greatly improving the level of digitization and intelligence of the workshop.