SEER Intelligent helps Qianjiang Robot move the intelligent factory into an exhibition hall!

Background Of The Project

Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., Ltd is a subsidiary owned by Zhejiang AISHIDA Electric Co., Ltd, and is a high-tech robot enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies.

Customer Issues

In the year of 2021, Qianjiang Robot set up an exhibition hall at the Shanghai Yangtze River Delta G60 Industrial Internet Innovation and Application Experience Center to exhibit the nonstick pan intelligent storage stack project, and fully demonstrated the unmanned production process of nonstick pans from steel discs to finished products in the exhibition hall.


SEER gives a one-stop smart logistics solution based on various problems existing in the Qianjiang Robot Showroom. Provide 1 tank robot for wafer loading and transport, and 1 roller chassis robot for the transportation of finished products and empty boxes, to realize the automatic production of non-stick pans from discs to finished products.

Solution make-up

1. SPK-HAI-A42-3 Multi-layer picking robot
2. Roller robot
3. RDS Synergistic Resource Dispatching System

Operating procedures

1. Raw material transportation
According to the MES command, RDS system dispatches a picking robot to pick steel disc storage bins from the designated shelf and put it onto the feeding conveyor belt.

2. Empty storage bin transferring
According to the MES command, move the empty storage bin onto the roller robot body through the roller;
Transfer the empty storage bin to the feeding conveyor belt;
Place the empty storage bin onto the feeding conveyor belt through the roller;
3. Finished product transportation
According to the MES command, an empty roller robot moves to the finished product outlet;
The roller robot interacts with the MES and collects finished products from the outlet;
The roller robot transfers the finished products to warehouse conveyor belt;
Place the finished products onto the warehouse conveyor belt;

Difficulties in Implementation

1.The on-site space is too narrow, and the implementation route needs to be comprehensively planned;
2.The MES system needs to connect steel disc transportation, finished product transportation and other tasks in sequence.

Solution Highlights

1. Laser SLAM, autonomous navigation
This laser SLAM-based picking robot can realize a real trackless autonomous navigation.
2. Flexible picking, without fear of space constraints
Even though the space is finite, the robot can still accurately reach the specified location and perform picking & placing tasks on the premise of ensuring safety.

3. Secondary positioning, accurate picking & placing
The robot can pick/place the bins accurately through secondary positioning, and connect with the roller line without additional action, greatly improving the delivery efficiency.
4. Quick start, without changing your habits
RDS provides a standard WEB API interface to facilitate the quick MES operations such as transportation order placement and robot status query.
5. Smooth access, realizing efficient circulation between production lines
The multi-layer picking robot based on SRC series core controller can smoothly access to the roller robot customized with standard AMB chassis, efficiently completing the transfer task.

Benefits To Customers

Thanks to the end-to-end industrial logistics solutions provided by SEER Intelligent, our customer realized a stable material transfer pace and greatly improved its productivity. At the same time, the seamless interaction between AMR and human retains the original work processes and working habits of employees to the greatest extent, ensuring the operation safety on the site.

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