SEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for Automotive Electronics Processing Workshop
Customer issues
The customer is a foreign-invested company mainly engaged in the R & D and manufacture of electronic products and components such as automotive anti-lock braking systems, electronic control units for driving assistance systems and sensors. With the rapid growth of the company, business needs are rising and the demand for employment is increasing. In the past, the materials were transported by manpower from the warehouse to the production workshop, there were problems of high labor cost and low efficiency, and the coordination with the MES system was not close. It is urgent to upgrade the level of automation and intelligence of the workshop.
SEER solutions
According to the customer workshop situation, SEER assisted the integrator to help the client realize the logistics automation of the warehouse and the workshop through an integrated solution covering the SRC-powered laser SLAM transport automatic forklifts and the visible operation software Roboshop Pro.
The plant mainly has two working zones, i.e. warehouse and workshop. When a workstation in the workshop needs to be loaded, the call is sent through the material issuing software of the operating computer on the production line. The MES system directly gives instructions to the SRC-powered laser SLAM transfer automatic forklift, which then transports the materials of the warehouse to the workshop and transports the empty racks of the workshop back to the warehouse parking zone, satisfying the closed-loop demand for unmanned transportation between the warehouse and the workshop.
Difficulties in implementation and countermeasures
  1. The laser sensor used for navigation is installed at a high position, and it is difficult to detect an obstacle in a low position.
  1. Adding additional laser scanners in a low position and providing safety protection through multiple sensors enables the automatic forklift to detect the obstacles in the overall environment and ensure the safety of personnel and cargoes when the automatic forklift performs the work tasks.
Benefits to customers
  1. Manpower is liberated by using robots to substitute human workers in transfer, greatly reducing the labor cost of the company, and cutting down the management costs of workshop personnel.
  2. The logistics and transportation efficiency of the warehouse and the workshop is increased, further improving the company's production efficiency.
  3. The MES system is effectively connected, promoting the automation and intelligence of the workshop.