SEER Intelligent Logistics Solution for Automotive Parts Processing Workshop
Customer issues
The customer is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of automotive aluminum alloy precision die-casting parts. With an advanced and efficient design concept in the die-casting industry, it is capable of independent R&D, lean production and management. With the rapid development of the company, the traditional manpower transportation approach can no longer meet its flexible production needs, and it is urgent to improve the logistics & transportation automation and intelligence of warehouses and workshops.
SEER solutions
According to the customer's workshop situation, SEER assisted the integrator to help the customer realize the intelligent logistics of the whole plant through an integrated solution covering the SRC-powered laser SLAM mini automatic forklifts, SEER Enterprise Enhanced Digitalization MP (SEED) and the One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro.
The plant has a blank warehouse, an empty material cage warehouse, a finished product warehouse, a finished product inspection warehouse and two large production workshops. The materials in the blank warehouse need to be transported to the production line; the empty material cages are transported back to the empty material cage warehouse in the production line zone. The finished products are transported to the finished product inspection warehouse; finally, the finished products that have passed inspection are transported to the finished product warehouse. Through SEED, the user's MES and WMS systems are seamlessly connected to realize business demand acquisition and issuance, which assigns the SRC-powered laser SLAM mini automatic forklifts to complete the transportation work, helping the customer realize the intelligent logistics of the workshop and warehouse.
Difficulties in implementation and countermeasures
  1. Due to narrow space at the site, running a large number of mobile robots simultaneously will easily trigger dangerous situations such as collisions and deadlocks;
  2. Intelligent dispatching system and information management system are required because the site environment changes greatly, and there are many warehouse locations and production line stations, totaling 92 locations in the four warehouse zones.
  1. This solution adopts SRC-powered laser SLAM mini automatic forklift with small size, high efficiency and flexibility to ensure smooth operation;
  2. Through the warehouse location management function of SEER' Uniform resource dispatching system SRD, virtual locations are matched with on-site stations, and interaction with the on-site PLC is carried out to achieve safe and efficient logistics & transportation.
Benefits to customers
  1. Robots are used to replace manual handling, reducing labor costs while improving logistics & transportation efficiency;
  2. Through the smart logistics solution, it upgrades the logistics to informatization and intelligentization and helps to realize the flexible manufacturing.