SEER empowers Luyuan electric vehicles to build the country's largest electric vehicle assembly workshop

Background Of The Project

Luyuan Zhejiang's vehicle manufacturing base covers an area of 53,000 square meters. The distribution of parts and components is naturally scattered. It needs intelligent logistics to help this country's largest electric vehicle assembly workshop sprint to the goal of producing 10,000 units per day!

Customer Issues

In such a huge production workshop, the distribution of parts and components is naturally scattered, and the traditional form of manpower + manual forklift is bound to be inappropriate. As the technical leader of the electric vehicle industry, how Luyuan chooses a plan is a hot spot for the industry.


Luyuan chose to cooperate with SEER after in-depth understanding of the intelligent logistics industry, and completed the digital and intelligent transformation of the vehicle manufacturing base through SEER's end-to-end industrial logistics solutions. Moreover, the plan selected by Luyuan this time is slightly different from the previous plan. What are the differences?

Solution make-up

1. Laser SLAM Ground-mounted Smart Forklift;

2. Automatic charging pile;

3. RDS unified resource scheduling system;

4. One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro

Operating procedures

Starting from the needs of the industry and customers, to meeting the needs of the industry and customers, Xingong Intelligence has created an intelligent, efficient, reliable and easy-to-use end-to-end industrial logistics solution. The solution centers on intelligent control and digitization. Through unified control, all hardware and systems are connected to easily respond to different scenarios and different needs, so that production line upgrades no longer become the shackles that hinder the development of enterprises, but truly become the energy for factory upgrades and iterations. , to realize the comprehensive digital intelligence of the smart factory.

Solution highlights

Luyuan, which has development ability, adopts the mode of independent development and independent implementation. The engineers of Luyuan complete the secondary development of the upper system and realize the deployment, debugging and implementation of the whole project. SEER engineers provide remote assistance for it!
In actual production, employees can intelligently dispatch SFL-MP10S ground forklifts to quickly move the corresponding materials just by placing orders through the touch screen terminal, so that the materials can arrive at the corresponding workstations accurately, on time and safely, greatly reducing costs , to improve the handling efficiency.

Benefits To Customers

Quickly transport the corresponding materials, and arrive at the corresponding station accurately, on time and safely, greatly reducing costs and improving handling efficiency. Fully assist Zhejiang vehicle manufacturing base to achieve the annual output target of 2 million units!

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