SEER injects new vigor to Weiyi Holding in traditional textile industry

Background Of The Project

After making a general survey on the domestic textile industry, we can find such problems as universally bad working environment and high labor intensity of workers even if the industry has a huge development prospect. As a result, the enterprise is faced with difficult personnel recruitment, high staff mobility, high cost and low efficiency. The textile enterprises are badly in need of intelligent transformation, so as to save the costs and improve the production capacity. However, due to the complex scenario, it is difficult for a company with smart logistics to solve the transformation problem for them in the original plant environment.

Customer Issues

Weiyi Holding looks forward to fulfilling the intelligent transformation all the time. During the process of communication, Weiyi Holding learns about SEER’s controller-centric product system, and [support the non-standard application by standard product] idea, and realization of smart transformation without change to the plant. Owing to SEER’s keen determination, innovation spirit and attitude in solving the production problem in the traditional industry, Weiyi Holding sees the possibility of change. Hence, Weiyi Holding cooperates with SEER to start the road of intelligent transformation.


End-to-end industrial logistics solutions Reliant on rich field experience and excellent product performance, and Weiyi’s appeals and field circumstances, SEER provides Weiyi with the one-stop logistics solution, comprehensively settles the pain spot of the customer, and replaces the manual handling with large-scale intelligent transfer, and realizes the transportation between storage area of production line and the warehouse and the transportation between the warehouse and the shipment point, and automatic nighttime inventory management.

Solution make-up

1. Laser SLAM ground automatic forklift
2. Automatic charging station
3. Synergistic Resources Dispatchment SRD
4. Dispatching server
5. One-stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro

Operating procedures

1. Install the dustproof brush on the vehicle body and prevent the wheel from jamming the sundries;
2. Improve the rated load of vehicle body according to the product quality.

Difficulties in Implementation

1. Double shift work mechanism, 24h continuous operation
2. Soft and heavy cloth-based finished product, irregular stacking, inconvenient handling
3. Narrow field space, intensive store site, relatively complicated traffic control
4. Bad service environment, many sundries and much dust on the ground

Solution Highlights

1. RDS realizes the perfect connection with ERP system of the customer, and achieves the collaborative operation of material management and AMR dispatch.
2. Software is simple and user-friendly, the experienced worker can easily fulfill the operation in the terminal. ERP sends the stock-in/-out task → PDA scans the code to place an order → RDS→ choose the vehicle→ the designated vehicle carries out the execution.
3. Through the reasonably designed route, based on SRD traffic control function of SEER, the vehicle deadlock is prevented, and the two-way transportation between all stations is realized.
4. Intelligent control, the whole production process is visual, information of the whole factory is panoramically viewed, and the field dispatch is timely and efficient.
5. The automatic nighttime inventory management is realized, the handling efficiency is greatly improved, and manpower is saved.

Benefits To Customers

1. Through SEER’s end-to-end industrial logistics solutions, high human cost and low handling efficiency in the textile industry which beset Weiyi Holding are solved. At present, Workshop 1 has completed the automatic and intelligent transformation of production line, which greatly improves the production capacity. 2. Weiyi Holding shows that cooperation with SEER has perfectly gone beyond the anticipation for intelligent transformation at the beginning. Weiyi Holding plans to continue cooperation with SEER, so as to fulfill the intelligent transformation of the whole factory and achieve the intelligent manufacturing of the whole production line.

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