• More Powerful Algorithms
    More Powerful Algorithms
    Shelf identification and correction, high dynamic environment position and navigation, slip detection and correction, QR code secondary precise positioning, hybrid navigation, automatic following, and using fifth-order Bézier curve.
  • Powerful Material Shelf Identification
    Powerful Material Shelf Identification
    A variety of goods racks can be identified and it can moveunder the racks and jack the goods. it can also identify material racks in various industries.
  • Smaller and More Flexible
    Smaller and More Flexible
    The smaller size allows for a lower chassis height with the integrated climbing mechanism, lower environmental requirements, more coverage scenarios, and less site restrictions.
  • More Secure and Efficient
    More Secure and Efficient
    Dual lasers and bumper strip sensors at the front and back for 360° protection; 10minutes of charging for 1 hour of running.
  • New Industrial Design
    New Industrial Design
    With SEER's new design PI language, present customers with a powerful and high-tech product of metal texture.
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