SEER Won Two Awards from Gongkong CAIMRS!


On March 19, 2021, the China Manufacturing Digital Service Summit 2021 CAIMRS and Annual Selection Awards Ceremony hosted by was grandly held in its Digital Conference Hall. This ceremony live will be broadcast in the cloud. Although you cannot be at the scene, you can still feel the excitement.

The CAIMRS annual selection is based on the fields of automation, information technology, industrial robots and industrial interconnection, and faces the entire industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing. It selects, records and disseminates the innovations and pioneering achievements that drive the intelligent development of China's industry, and praises them in the name of the industry.

SEER stood out among many participating companies and won two awards: "Top Ten Companies of the Year" and "Service Innovation Award", which represents the industry’s recognition of SEER’s contribution in the field of industrial robots.



SEER said that it is a great honor to have won the "Top Ten Companies of the Year" with ten companies including Phoenix, Turck, Kinco, Weidmüller, etc. This means that SEER has further development.

Looking back into 2020, SEER has reached strategic cooperation with SGS, SICK, Hai Robotics, and Ruibote. It also obtained hundreds of millions of yuan in financing, and launched AMR special safety controller SRC core controller SRC-3000FS, SEER’s enterprise digital middle-station SEED, full-aware AI logistics system RoboView, and a series of AMRs: automatic forklift SFL-CDD20 SFL-CBD20-S SFL-CBD20 SFL-CDD14 SFL-CPD15-T, laser omnidirectional robot SJV-W600DS-DL, the world's first laser bin robot SPK-HAI-A42-3, unmanned transport chassis AMB-300XS and AMB-J series and other new products.


At the same time, SEER took the lead in proposing a full-aware logistics system solution, enabling the intelligent logistics system to form a controllable industrial closed loop, making it a unique technology company with market integration capabilities in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Its products have also obtained IEC 61508, IEC 62061, ISO 13849 certification and CE certification (EN ISO 3691-4:2020) issued by SGS, and have officially entered the EU market.



In addition, SEER, together with several companies such as Omron, Supcon, Siemens, and Heidenhain, won the "Service Innovation Award", which is also a high evaluation of SEER's innovative services.

SEER has been focusing on smart production and smart logistics, providing customers with "full-aware logistics system solutions", and adhering to the product development idea of ​​"supporting non-standard applications with standardized products", meeting various non-standard needs of customers in multiple industries through standard products .

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