DATE: 2023/06/30

Exposition | Smart-Control-Ecology at ITES: The Beauty of SEER Technology

● The debut of the new metallic SRC Series Core Controllers

● The new SFL-CBD15 and SFL-CDD16 forklifts were released and demonstrated for the first time offline

● The partner vehicle display area and the AMR internal structure disassembly display area were two of the highlights of the SEER Robotics' booth

● The signing ceremony for the SFL partners was successfully held

On 29 March, the 2023 ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition was held at the Baoan New Hall in Shenzhen. SEER Robotics presented its leading product, the SRC controller, the latest 2023 model and its partner AMR products, and also held a successful signing ceremony with three partners on site.

As the theme of the show, "Smart - Control - Ecology", we are committed to building an open and collaborative car building ecology with our partners.

This is the third consecutive year that SEER has exhibited at ITES. 2021, the first time that SEER knocked on the door of the South China market, the ITES debut made SEER Robotics well-known in South China; 2022, with a product portfolio strategy to continue to cultivate the South China market, ITES again exhibited to consolidate the market position; this year, SEER made a new debut, the new PI debut, new product launch, strategic signing, partner show ...... Next, let's feel it together.

Ⅰ. A new series of SRC controllers on the market

The new metallic SRC series of core controllers launched by SEER is on display for the first time at booth C.

The upgraded SRC-2000 and SRC-3000FS are not only equipped with the new industrial design system of SEER Robotics, which has a more sense of technology and power, but also have significantly improved the internal performance, with higher integration, stronger adaptability and lower comprehensive manufacturing cost, truly realizing "no threshold for manufacturing AMR"!

Ⅱ. The ultimate exploration, 2023 new intelligent forklifts on the market

On the spot, the new intelligent forklifts SFL-CBD15 and SFL-CDD16 were unveiled for the first time.

The SFL-CBD15 and SFL-CDD16 are in line with the PI of the SRC controller, creating a complete product range. The two new products represent the exploration of the design and manufacture of intelligent forklift models by SEER Robotics, balancing technological appearance and quality with practical product performance, presenting a fusion of beauty and power.


The SFL-CBD15 combines a number of improvements with the long-term proven performance of previous vehicles, resulting in a compact form factor, superb load capacity and a significant increase in operating efficiency.

Equipped with SRC controller inside, it can achieve ±10mm high precision positioning; together with various sensors such as single point laser, 3D obstacle avoidance and safety touch edge for safety protection, it can ensure the safety of people and goods during the operation of the intelligent forklift, and can flexibly complete the transportation of goods in narrow space, which is a "handling tool" for realising intelligent logistics in factories.

The SFL-CDD16 is also equipped with the SRC controller and uses laser SLAM navigation, which is easy to deploy without reflectors; it identifies carriers with high precision and forks goods accurately, and can support national, European and non-standard pallet recognition to improve handling efficiency.


Maximum operating speed up to 2m/s, 1.6T load capacity, 3M lift without lowering the load. The laser with 3D obstacle avoidance, safety edge, distance sensors and other sensors provide 360° safety protection, making it the perfect choice for handling, stacking and palletizing of Kawasaki pallets, cages and racks.

III. Collective appearance with a special section for partner model gallery

The unique partner vehicle display area has become a highlight of this year's SEER Robotics stand. This is the first time that SEER has brought all types of mobile robots from its partners to a large exhibition stand and set up a special area to display them, with professional staff on site to explain them.

By providing partners with SRC controllers, the core component of mobile robots, SEER has accumulated a large pool of partner models, covering a wide range of models such as jacking robots, forklifts, bin robots, composite robots and roller robots, achieving full coverage of intelligent logistics solutions in the industrial sector.

The picture below shows the mobile robots and upstream and downstream products manufactured by our partners using the SRC controller.

The dismantling of the internal structure of the mobile robot also attracts many integrators and vehicle builders. SEER Robotics has been able to connect with upstream and downstream manufacturers of internal components for mobile robots and can provide a full range of solutions and product resources to its partners.

▲ Mobile robot internal structure disassembly demonstration area

IV. Successful signing, the team of SEER partners grows again

In addition, in this exhibition,SEER Robotics moved the partner signing ceremony to the booth site, and formally signed a strategic partnership with Jingzhi Hi-Tech, Polygon Technology and Boliwei to build an open, collaborative and win-win car-making ecology based on their technical and market advantages.

▲ From left to right: Wellspring Hi-Tech, Powerway, Polygon Technology

For partners, SEER not only opens up its technology and products, but also shares its market resources, supply chain resources, vehicle body resources and certification resources ...... to establish an open platform with SEER SRC series controllers as the core.

The ITES show continues to be an exciting event. Come and visit us at Hall 14 - Booth B21 to see for yourself the "beauty of technology" brought to you by SEER.

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