SEER Has Won the Title of "New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing Pioneer Enterprise" by Gaogong Lithium Battery Research Institute


On March 20, 2021, the "Lithium Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Leap" 2021 Lithium Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Summit hosted by Gaogong Lithium Battery, Gaogong Robot, and Gaogong Consulting will be held in Shenzhen. The conference will set up production line manufacturing, warehousing logistics, and digitalization. There are three major special sessions for smart factories, and 100+ related companies such as lithium batteries, smart equipment, manufacturing lines, warehousing and logistics were invited to the conference.

SEER, a leader in the field of smart logistics, was also invited to attend this summit to conduct in-depth technical exchanges with industry leaders and jointly open up new fields for smart manufacturing. In the meantime, it participated in the 2021 New Energy Industry Smart Manufacturing Awards Banquet themed as Building the Foundation of Smart Manufacturing and Embracing the Great Era of New Energy.

After several rounds of voting and selection by industry experts, SEER was awarded the "Pioneering Enterprise of New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing".


Mr. Chen Bingze, Sales Manager of SEER South China Region, came to the stage to receive the award


Winning this award affirms the contribution of SEER to the intelligent manufacturing application in the new energy industry. It also shows that SEER, as a pioneering enterprise, is promoting the transition of lithium batteries from automation to intelligence.


SEER was awarded the "Pioneering Enterprise of New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing"


SEER is the first to propose a full-aware logistics system solution in the field of smart logistics. The product research and development ideas follow the principle of "supporting non-standard applications with standardized products". Through the product development philosophy of "upward integration and downward opening", scenario problems are transformed into product problems, and a series of human-oriented software and hardware tools are introduced. This set of solutions is not only applicable to the new energy industry, but can also be flexibly applied to fields.

The non-standard smart logistics solution of SEER will focus on a scene of the middle process in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, that is, putting materials into production equipment and collecting semi-finished materials processed.

In traditional factories, common issues are:

  • In order to ensure the 24-hour error-free operation of the production line, workers need to change shifts continuously;
  • Each production line needs at least 3 staff (feeding operators, unloading operators and material transferers). If the replenishment is not timely and exceeds 10 minutes, the production line will stop. At this time, the electroplating in the line will lead to the change in pH caused by the suspension of the liquid, which will increase the probability of defective products.


Flow chart of SEER's non-standard smart solutions in the semiconductor industry


notes of picture:

SEER's non-standard smart logistics solutions in the semiconductor industry

Vision station OCR recognition

SRD confirms the location to be grabbed

The latent traction robot tows the material rack to the position to be grabbed

Compound robots to grab materials

The compound robot takes the material to the loading position

The latent traction robot transports the material rack to the position of the unloading car

The compound robot puts the material into the material entrance

The Buffer machine pushes the material to the unloading port for standby

The compound robot completes the feeding port

After feeding, run to the discharge port

The composite robot grabs the material pushed to the unloading port to the car body buffer position

The compound robot travels to the loading position of the unloading truck

The composite robot places the material from the car body buffer position onto the material truck

The latent towing robot tows the material truck to the OCR recognition station

Manually enter the material information to be grabbed


At the exhibition site, SEER will solve the above problems through compound robots, visual workstations and latent robots. This will not only liberate labour resources, ensure continuous and stable transportation, and achieve real cost reduction and efficiency enhancement; it can also be combined with the factory management system to digitize the material turnover, accurately track and monitor the transportation progress status, and flexibly allocate the turnover. In addition, with the equipment and software of other digital factories, unmanned and intelligent production can also be realized.


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