DATE: 11/10/2023

A New Upgrade for SEER Robotics unmanned Chassis

When choosing to build a mobile robot autonomously, the combination of the core brain controller + other components provides a way to build from zero. However, when it comes to efficiency optimization or R&D capacity constraints, is there an easier way?

SEER Robotics' AMB unmanned transport chassis provides an efficient and convenient way to build cars for customers with certain manufacturing and design capabilities.

In 2018, SEER Robotics officially launched the AMB series of standard chassis to help customers quickly complete the manufacturing and application of mobile robots. After five years of precipitation and accumulation, a series of highly flexible and customized mobile robots have been derived on the basis of standard chassis. And is widely used in warehousing logistics, semiconductor, 3C electronics, auto parts and other industries, for a variety of non-standard scenarios to provide the most suitable intelligent logistics solutions, has been highly recognized by customers.

Based on the in-depth analysis of the customer market and the long-term accumulation of technology research and development, SEER Robotics once again completed the optimization and upgrading of AMB chassis at multiple levels this year.

❗️The charging ratio is greatly blocked and improved, getting rid of power anxiety.

Considering various factors such as battery life, cost, safety and environmental protection, the internal battery cell of the AMB chassis has been replaced by lithium iron phosphate from the original ternary lithium.

Although the battery capacity is reduced, the comprehensive battery life of the AMB chassis is still the same, and it can still reach 12 hours, which will not affect the efficiency of the robot. In addition, the charging time of the AMB chassis is faster, and the significant increase in the charging rate effectively alleviates some customers' concerns about battery power, and there is no need to worry about waiting for a long time for the battery to charge.

In terms of safety, environmental protection and cost, lithium iron phosphate is superior.

Lithium iron phosphate battery has higher thermal stability and resistance to penetration, making the battery more safe and reliable; Lithium iron phosphate used in lithium iron phosphate battery is a natural ore, rich in resources and renewable, will not cause serious pollution to the environment, environmental protection performance is better; In the case of frequent charge and discharge, the life of lithium iron phosphate is also longer, which will greatly reduce the cost caused by battery replacement, and accurately achieve cost reduction and efficiency for customers.

❗️Multiple location support makes application scenarios more diverse.

AMB chassis laser configuration update, all series of lasers can support reflector navigation, also support the integration of laser SLAM, two-dimensional code and other navigation methods, multiple positioning operation more accurate, repeated positioning accuracy up to ±2mm, to achieve seamless robot and equipment docking, efficient handling of materials.

The WIFI module and HMI module will no longer be used as the main parts of the AMB chassis, but will be used as the optional accessories for the upper expansion, and the installation and selection will be more flexible to further expand more application scenarios for the robot.

❗️The integrated harness of the vehicle eliminates the trouble of docking.

In order to improve customer manufacturing efficiency and accuracy, AMB chassis vehicle to achieve integrated wiring harness design, no longer need to worry about a variety of wiring harness docking in the manufacturing process, simplify the production process, while avoiding the risk caused by human error, improve the overall safety of the robot.

In order to meet the possible future power supply needs and enhance the flexibility of the robot when upgrading or expanding in the future, the AMB chassis adds a 24V power supply port on the basis of the 48V interface to adapt to the diversified needs of customers.

❗️Soft strength support makes the whole process of car installation worry-free.

Based on the SEER Robotics knowledge base, customers can access detailed AMB chassis documentation information, including user manuals, technical documents, etc., and provide a complete jacket integration manual, comprehensive and detailed data support not only solves all the problems of the customer's manufacturing process, but also further ensures the high quality and efficiency of robot manufacturing.

❗️Open customization of large customers to meet individual needs.

The AMB chassis now fully supports the customization of the brand logo, product appearance and top module according to the needs of the customer, which means that, whether from the perspective of brand promotion or from the actual use of the product, the customer can customize according to their needs and preferences, so as to better meet the differentiated needs of different scenarios.

AMB chassis provides a variety of top module options, jacking, roller, manipulator, latent traction, head, etc. Customers can choose their own module combination according to their needs, expand more flexible and efficient, to achieve a variety of chassis applications.

The 2023 new AMB chassis is a new upgrade of the general chassis of mobile robots, and its functional optimization is closely aligned with the actual needs of robot manufacturers.

The new AMB chassis not only has a more powerful and durable battery performance, a more integrated and stable use experience, but also a more personalized and soft support, which is undoubtedly the ideal choice for mobile robot manufacturers to pursue a better quality and cost-effective chassis.