The Co-founder Ye Yangsheng of SEER Intelligent Won the Veken Cup·OFweek 2020 Annual Emerging Person Award in China Robotics Industry


On April 07, 2021, the "OFweek 2021 (Tenth) China Robot Industry Conference" hosted by OFweek, a high-tech industry portal, and organized by OFweek Veken·Robot successfully ended. High-level government officials, scientific research experts, and industry-leading business leaders have jointly discussed the strategic technology of "deep integration" between the robotics industry and intelligent manufacturing, promoted the entry of robots into all walks of life, and empowered all companies with added value.



At the same time, the Veken Cup·OFweek 2020 (Third) robot industry annual selection award ceremony also ended as scheduled. The selection aims to commend the 2020 robot industry outstanding companies, outstanding products and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, so as to encourage the industry to continue to innovate and develop, improve product performance and quality, promote the healthy development of the entire industry chain, and better empower thousands of industries.

Mr. Ye Yangsheng, the co-founder and product director of SEER, won the Veken Cup·OFweek 2020 China Robot Industry Emerging Person Award for his outstanding performance and outstanding contribution in this field.



Mr. Ye Yangsheng and his team won the RoboCup small group world championship three times as early as he was in the school, and he has many invention patents. After establishing SEER, he has won multiple industry awards for several consecutive years, thanks to the smart logistics solutions developed by the main R&D team headed by him. And he has brought tremendous changes to the robotics industry and provided the impetus for the intelligent development of enterprises.


SEER, as a high-tech enterprise known for smart technology, has always put employee achievement first, and advocates that the company must go all out for the future happiness of employees, and strive to provide employees with a smart office and efficient working environment, leading employees and the company to grow together and to achieve each other's achievements. Only happy employees are can the company develop faster, bring more valuable products and services to customers, and jointly realize the corporate mission of supporting non-standard applications with standard products. We will make the intelligent process of customers' enterprises more efficient and export intelligent industrial control infrastructure to all industries around the world!


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