DATE: 2024/03/12

MODEX Debut Straight Shot丨SEER Robotics Leads the Way in North America

Atlanta, United States local time on March 11, the four-day American International Logistics Exhibition (MODEX 2024) officially opened!

With the theme of "Build Your Own AMR Fleet Within Days", SEER Robotics debuted at MODEX, exhibiting one-stop AMR building solutions for ultra-complete AMR components, technologically innovative multi-type mobile robots, and immersive digital software.

As the North American event for material handling, supply chain and logistics solutions, MODEX is not only the most influential logistics technology exhibition in the Americas, but also the wind vane for the development of global logistics technology.

In 2022, SEER Robotics entered the American market and successfully won the trust and support of the first batch of customers with excellent products and high-quality services. In 2023, the pace of construction accelerated, and dozens of American local mobile robot manufacturers reached cooperation, localization construction has achieved remarkable results.

Participating in MODEX for the first time is the embodiment of SEER Robotics' efforts to promote the layout of the Americas, and it is also a witness to the increasing influence of SEER Robotics on a global scale. At the scene of MODEX, the SEER Robotics booth was crowded and lively. SEER Robotics had in-depth exchanges with many North American customers, laying the foundation for further expansion of the American market.

Easy to Build Your Own AMR Fleet Within Days

SEER Robotics' one-stop
AMR building solution based on SRC controller can provide customers with complete AMR building hardware and software support, including professional technical training support, and truly eliminate the barrier to manufacturing mobile robots.

The one-stop AMR building solution has helped global customers to manufacture hundreds of different types of mobile robots, and a large number of mature AMR building solutions are immediately reused, which is inseparable from the support of more than 1,000 partners upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Two-thirds of the exhibits in the MODEX AMR building components exhibition area are from SEER Robotics partners. Cost-effective AMR building save money and labor.

Library At Will

The mobile robot model library based on the SRC controller is jointly built by SEER Robotics and our partners, including various types of mobile robots suchas lifting, forklift, container, composite, cleaning and inspection.

In this exhibition, SEER Robotics has brought three new products to the market, among which two autonomous forklifts have achieved great breakthroughs in performance and technology compared with other ordinary forklifts.

First, the NFL feature positioning and navigation technology introduced by SEER Robotics can easily cope with various complex scenarios, especially in highly dynamic environments, and high positioning stability can be obtained by 5% reference.

Second, increase the adaptive fork function, through AI deep learning, can quickly and independently identify and fork various types of pallets in the area, such as surface damage, covering winding and various special-shaped pallets.

Single Fork Autonomous Forklift SFL-300L is the latest forklift product from SEER Robotics. With slimmer body and smaller rotation radius, it is suitable for material handling scenarios where the fork support surface is close to the ground and the channel is narrow.

Counterbalanced Autonomous Forklift CPD20-Y debuted at the 2023 China International Industry Fair, and the on-site deduction of closed-loop stacking won unanimous customer praise. CPD20-Y supports up to 2T load, supports ultrasonic cargo fork separation detection, and has four safety protection measures, full score of safety factor, suitable for high-load and high-lift logistics scenarios.

Safety Lifting Robot AMB-1000JS is small in size but can load up to 1T, compatible with a variety of vehicles, support unilateral 7cm+ distance wide area universal identification frame, higher efficiency and accuracy, suitable for warehouse handling, line distribution, production line transport and other wide range of scenes.

USE YOUR AMRS丨Efficient and Convenient

Whether only a single type of mobile robot is involved in the field, or there are multiple types of mobile robots that need unified scheduling, using the digital software of SEER Robotics becomes easier.

RDS Fleet Management System can not only schedule and manage various types and brands of mobile robots, but also support the unified management of other automated logistics equipment in the factory, and promote the automation and intelligence of the entire factory.

Autonomous Forklift Solution QuickGo, which does not require a customized solution or supporting facilities, debuted at an overseas exhibition. On-site customers control the operation of the forklift through the operation PAD simulation experience, and redefine the forklift handling experience out of the box.

YOUR AMRS丨Be Clear At A Glance

Immersive experience, the 3D digital twin solution Meta World sets a 1:1 high-precision restoration of the SEER Robotics booth, operating the controller to experience game-like interaction, so that you can personally feel the infinite charm of the digital world.

At the same time, the visualization series products also include 2D and 3D professional robot map visualization products for manufacturing factories, visual maps are presented digitally in a comprehensive manner, 2D and 3D visual global control, and data analysis is at a glance.

From March 11th to 14th, SEER Robotics booth B1419 in Hall B will be wonderful. We look forward to your visit and witness together, SEER Robotics helps you to build your own AMR fleet within days!