DATE: 2024/03/20

Exhibition Insight: Reunion at LogiMAT Germany, SEER Robotics Makes Double Booth

The 2024 International Logistics Exhibition, LogiMAT, kicked off grandly at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Germany on March 19th. SEER Robotics showcased its latest products and technologies with the theme "Build Your Own AMR Fleet Within Days," featuring three new vehicle components, four CE-certified products, and new technology demonstrations. After two years, SEER Robotics returned to the exhibition with increased strength, presenting a richer range of products and solutions. The company also utilized a dual booth layout for the first time, located in Hall 1, Stand 1GA99, and Hall 6, Stand 6A31, to showcase its offerings more closely to European customers, attracting attention from industry professionals.

In Hall 6, Stand 6A31, SEER Robotics focused on customer interaction and experience, displaying multiple mobile robots and their models, with a dynamic demonstration area featuring laser SLAM ground-based intelligent forklifts and laser SLAM small stacker cranes for fixed-point handling demonstrations.

In Hall 1, Stand 1GA99, SEER Robotics showcased three new vehicle components: lifting components, roller components, traction components, as well as the mobile robot safety chassis AMB-300XS, Laser SLAM small stacker intelligent forklifts SFL-CDD14-CE, and Laser SLAM traction and lifting safety handling robot AMB-1000JS. The booth focused on complete, diverse, and high-value vehicle manufacturing solutions, demonstrating for customers the three-tier stacking of forklifts and adaptive recognition functions. It also showcased dynamic scenarios of multi-robot collaboration, featuring chassis vehicles, lifting vehicles, and forklifts, allowing customers to experience efficient and flexible multi-machine scenes firsthand.

SEER Robotics concentrated on showcasing three high-value vehicle examples based on SRC controllers to European customers: CE-certified mobile robots manufactured with safety controllers, omnidirectional ultra-thin mobile robot chassis, and closed-stack pallet forklifts with upgraded fork components.

The SEER Robotics component series also made its overseas debut, including lifting components, roller components, and traction components. These components can be directly paired with the AMB-300XS mobile robot chassis, offering easy installation, simple configuration, and rapid adaptation to non-standard scenarios. The lifting components can be customized according to actual scene requirements, with a lifting height adaptable to environments ranging from 50 to 150mm and a maximum lifting load of 300kg, reinforced to accommodate off-center loads, requiring only four bolts to fix above the chassis.

The roller component is equipped with three sets of material detection photoelectric sensors, providing sufficient protection for the safety and position detection of material transfer processes, supporting a transfer speed range of 2.7 to 27.7m/s, and flexibly adjusting to meet different scenarios' material handling requirements.

In this exhibition, SEER Robotics brought multiple CE-certified mobile robots, featuring the safety controller SRC-3000FS. The controller, certified by SGS TÜV SAAR for functional safety, integrates a safety PLC internally, with a one-piece design freeing up more internal space, stronger internal computing power, and more stable performance.

SFL-CDD14-CE, as one of SEER Robotics' earliest products to enter the European market, has been well received by customers in various European locations. Its slender figure enables it to adapt to more handling environments, easily navigating dense and narrow aisles.

At the exhibition, SFL-CDD14-CE demonstrated three-tier stacking, with adaptive recognition of vehicles based on AI deep learning, ensuring accurate recognition and handling of covered vehicles, stable stacking of goods into three tiers, effectively improving space utilization, and saving space storage costs.

SFL-CBD15-CE is a ground-based intelligent forklift with a compact body and a load capacity of up to 1.5T. Its battery supports fast charging and swapping, with a dual-battery design mode, and a maximum endurance of 8 to 10 hours. It also supports adaptive recognition function, coordinating with a 3D depth camera, based on AI deep learning technology for quick autonomous recognition and handling of various types of pallets within the designated area, such as surface damage, covered wrapping, and various irregular pallets.

AMB-1000JS, as a lifting robot with ultra-large load capacity, is also a highlight of this exhibition, supporting a maximum load of 1T; supporting unilateral 7cm+ distance wide-area all-purpose recognition of racks; with 1-hour charging, the endurance can reach 7 hours.

The AMB-300XS with an embedded safety controller provides European customers with greater convenience in vehicle manufacturing, with a visual panel allowing clear internal structure understanding, supporting any docking of various upper structures, and adapting to different non-standard scenarios; the cleanliness test of the AMB-300XS meets the ISO Class 4 level, supporting various high cleanliness factories for worry-free use.

In addition to the dual booth design attracting customer attention, the software interaction area inside the booth also attracted many users to stop and experience. With PAD direct operation, QuickGO on-site allows you to learn to operate forklifts without difficulty; the Roboshop one-stop deployment tool helps you quickly locate and handle robot failures; observing the RDS scheduling software, factory-wide simulation operation becomes easy to understand; experiencing the digital world, the visualization product series restores reality to you in a 1:1 ratio.

The excitement continues at the German LogiMAT, with dual booths in Hall 1, Stand 1GA99, and Hall 6, Stand 6A31, where SEER Robotics awaits your visit!