DATE: 2024/05/16

Exhibition Spotlight | IARS Smart Expo Opens Brilliantly, SEER Robotics Booth A2040 Thrives With Popularity!

On May 15th, the China (South China) International Robotics and Automation Exhibition (IARS) opened spectacularly at the Guangdong International Modern Exhibition Center (Houjie, Dongguan). SEER Robotics showcased a variety of products at Booth A2040, attracting thousands of visitors. Let's dive into the SEER Robotics booth for an immersive exhibition experience.

On the morning of May 15th, Liu Guangbin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor, visited the exhibition hall before the opening ceremony and inspected the SEER Robotics booth, accompanied by Mu Nan, General Manager of SEER Robotics' Shenzhen branch, among others.

Liu Guangbin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Dongguan Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor, visits the SEER Robotics booth.

Mu Nan introduced the development history, core technologies, main products, and market applications of SEER Robotics to Liu Guangbin and his entourage. Mu Nan stated that SEER Robotics is committed to accelerating the widespread application and deployment of mobile robots in South China, promoting the further upgrading of intelligent logistics, and actively exploring the application of new technologies such as AI and digital twins in the field of mobile robots. He showcased the SFL-CBD15, featuring AI deep learning-based adaptive recognition and forklift functions.

Multiple Navigation, Smaller and More Versatile

The AMB-300JZ low-profile lift AGV has been comprehensively optimized in appearance, making it more refined and compact, supporting a 300kg load with a rotation diameter of only 910mm and an overall height of 250mm. The internal algorithm has been simultaneously upgraded, supporting automatic shelf correction, all-around rack recognition, with fewer restrictions on racks and sites, and covering more scenarios.

The AMB-300JZ supports various navigation options, including laser SLAM, QR codes, and laser reflectors, allowing flexible switching to meet different scenarios and precision requirements.

Narrow Aisle Handling, Narrower and More Flexible

The lightweight SFL-300L uses a single fork arm design structure, with a body width of 400mm to adapt to more scenarios. Equipped with a pallet recognition camera, it supports real-time recognition of carriers, achieving stable and efficient pickup and placement even without fixed slots on-site.

Ground Transport, Faster and More Efficient

The ground handling marvel SFL-CBD15 demonstrates AI adaptive pallet position recognition, automatic path planning, and precise forklift functions, showcasing superior navigation positioning and perception levels.

The SFL-CBD15 supports a maximum operating speed of 2m/s, significantly improving performance compared to previous models, doubling efficiency and making operations more effective.

One-Stop Vehicle Manufacturing, More Professional

For complex non-standard requirements, SEER Robotics provides a one-stop vehicle manufacturing solution centered on the SRC controller, collaborating with over 2000 upstream and downstream industry partners to offer complete vehicle manufacturing components. Coupled with the self-developed one-stop implementation tool Roboshop, mobile robot on-site deployment and debugging are easily accomplished, seamlessly connecting customer business systems from manufacturing to usage, achieving more professional and efficient results.

Exciting Focus, Technical Discussions

In addition to the highly popular booth becoming a focal point, SEER Robotics also engaged in on-site dialogues with numerous industry media and key national universities during the exhibition, giving special lectures at the forum.

As one of the important intelligent equipment exhibitions in South China, the IARS Smart Expo is dedicated to building a platform for exchange and connection for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. This exhibition attracted many users and scholars from Hong Kong and Macau. Dr. Yang from the University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Social Sciences visited the SEER Robotics booth for exchange, focusing on SEER Robotics' "going global" journey.

Dr. Yang from the University of Hong Kong exchanges at the SEER Robotics booth.

During the exchange, Gong Ziting, Marketing Director of SEER Robotics, shared: "In 2020, SEER Robotics' products matured, with controller products leading European development levels, and we began to shift to a global development model. Self-developed technology is our confidence to go global, and open cooperation is our driving force. High-quality products and timely service are key and fundamental to our overseas expansion; meanwhile, exhibitions are a quicker channel for local customers to understand us. Therefore, in recent years, we have maintained a presence at large overseas exhibitions, deepening user impressions, and accelerating localization through cooperation with local integrators."

On the first day of the exhibition, mainstream industry media Robotics Online and Control Engineering Network had on-site dialogues with Gong Ziting, Marketing Director of SEER Robotics, showcasing SEER Robotics' mobile robot products and latest technical solutions through live broadcast lenses.

On May 16th, Mu Nan, Director of SEER Robotics South China Region, was invited to participate in the Robot Technology Application Forum and gave a keynote speech titled "One Brain, One Chain, Making Mobile Robots Barrier-Free."

Mu Nan, General Manager of SEER Robotics Shenzhen Branch

Mu Nan stated: "In line with the South China market trend, SEER Robotics has locally implemented the 'One Brain, One Chain' product strategy. Through the SRC controller, we delve into various industries and fields, capturing commonalities in more application scenarios, refining and optimizing more mature and complete vehicle manufacturing solutions, and deepening the barrier-free use of mobile robots, promoting the widespread application and upgrading of intelligent logistics in South China."

Heavy New Products Unveiled at the End of the Month

Passionate May, SEER Robotics' 2024 series of new products will debut at the Guangzhou LET Exhibition, showcasing new intelligent logistics applications with a series of new products.

Rotary, low-profile lift handling, various load models, high-precision multiple navigation; stacking, heavy load, ground forklifts, the full series with higher configurations and more stability, flexible customization with more options...

On May 29th, more surprises await you at SEER Robotics Booth C16, Hall 18.1, Guangzhou LET Exhibition!

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