DATE: 2024/05/31

Exhibition Highlights | SEER Robotics New Product Launch, Shining At LET Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition

On May 29th at the Guangzhou Logistics Exhibition (LET), SEER Robotics, in collaboration with Linde, AnKunLi, JingZhi, and other ecological partners, jointly launched 11 new products of the 2024 series, covering three major areas: mobile robot chassis, lifting robots, and intelligent forklifts.

The 2024 new product series of SEER Robotics was officially released on the first day of the exhibition, covering three major areas: mobile robot chassis, lifting robots, and intelligent forklifts. Among them, three new products were showcased on-site, and the dynamic exhibition area of SEER Robotics robots at 18.1 Pavilion C16 was extremely lively, attracting countless visitors.

Focus on cost-effectiveness, truly threshold-free

1. Flagship General Platform, the preferred choice for flexible expansion.

AMB-CSW04 is a heavy-duty launch by SEER Robotics in 2024, featuring an entry-level controller SRC-880 on an unmanned transport chassis. This product continues the family design language of SEER Robotics and stands out in terms of appearance, size, product performance, and applicability. It can meet more non-standard upper body needs of robots and is a super cost-effective general car-making platform at the ten-thousand yuan level, making it an excellent partner for customers to manufacture various mobile robots.

AMB-CSW04 has a vehicle size of 810*545*228mm and a rated load capacity of 400kg. With the same compact vehicle design, the load capacity has been increased by more than 1.6 times, allowing it to be more widely applied to various transportation scenarios.

The AMB-CSW04 has a ground clearance of only 185mm for the upper body installation surface. The superior vehicle design meets the needs for non-standard upper body installations such as lifting, rollers, robotic arms, lurking traction, and gimbals, offering more flexibility and ease of use in practical applications.

In terms of safety, the AMB-CSW04 provides 360° protection for the entire vehicle, with front and rear safety touch edges and dual laser sensors as standard configurations. The front navigation laser has a maximum detection range of 40 meters, and the rear obstacle avoidance laser has a maximum detection range of 25 meters. The front of the vehicle supports the optional 3D obstacle avoidance camera module, which can detect potholes and obstacles, ensuring safe progress.

The AMB-CSW04 supports pure laser SLAM navigation and hybrid navigation with SLAM as the main method and QR codes/reflective boards as auxiliary means. It can match the corresponding navigation scheme according to the scene requirements, and the repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±2mm. At this exhibition, the AMB-CSW04 demonstrated high-precision repeat positioning on-site.

2. Lurking Lifting Series, Ultimate Cost-Performance Ratio.

With its compact size and high flexibility, the lurking lifting type robots have always been popular and are widely used in logistics processes such as e-commerce sorting, material transfer, and call-for-supply. SEER Robotics SJV Lurking Lifting Series has launched four new products, divided into two weight categories:



The CSL series features a standard lifting structure design, with a more slender lifting mechanism (as thin as only 250mm), meeting basic lurking lifting requirements and offering a higher cost-performance ratio in simple scenarios. The CSK series adopts a rotating lifting structure design, supporting the lifting follow-up function, resulting in smoother turning.

The new products in the SJV series all come equipped with the cost-effective SRC-880 controller, achieving a balance of functionality and performance at a lower cost. The SRC-880 is compact yet has a complete set of interfaces, which not only meets the requirements for the compact and lightweight design of lurking lifting robots but also offers the possibility for more functional extensions, meeting the needs of complex transportation scenarios.

The new products in the SJV series come with dual front and rear lasers, supporting 3D vision obstacle avoidance and 5m wide-area safety protection. They are equipped with fast charging as standard, allowing the battery to reach 80% in just 1 hour of charging, ensuring 8 hours of worry-free operation.

At this exhibition, the SJV lurking lifting series has become the star product with the highest demand at the industrial fair. The laser SLAM rotating lifting transport robot SJV-SW600 returns to showcase the handling of irregular pallets.

3. Intelligent Forklift Series, Multi-dimensional Handling Marvel

Building on the existing forklift products, SEER Robotics has recently launched six new products in the SFL series, further expanding the application richness of 1.4-3T transport, stacking, and counterbalanced forklifts. The entire series comes with high-end configurations, making them more intelligent, stable, and efficient, meeting a wider range of complex handling needs.

Transport Forklift:SFL-CBD16-S、SFL-CBD20、SFL-CBD30

Transport Forklift:SFL-CBD16-S、SFL-CBD20、SFL-CBD30

Balance Forklift:SFL-CPD30-Y

The new products in the SFL series are all equipped with AI deep learning algorithms, supporting the self-adaptive recognition and picking of pallets with various specifications, colors, wrapped films, and surface damages, ensuring stable picking and placing of goods, and significantly enhancing the environmental adaptability and robustness. The entire series comes standard with dual spring shock absorption for the drive wheels and a pressure-boosted cylinder, to prevent slipping issues in various scenarios, ensuring the reliability and stability of the entire vehicle.

The new products in the SFL series offer more autonomous and flexible customization services, supporting various optional configurations such as laser navigation, pallet recognition functions, and 3D obstacle avoidance. They also provide customization details for large quantities of products, including fork width and length, vehicle body color, and LOGO.

It is worth mentioning that the three transport forklifts have achieved ultimate optimization in vehicle size and turning radius, making them more suitable for handling in narrow aisles and dense spaces. The SFL-CBD16-S has a minimum turning radius of only 1329mm, while the SFL-CBD20 and SFL-CBD30 have a turning radius of 1360mm, which is approximately 200mm less than the turning radius of the SFL-CBD15 in the same series.

At this exhibition, two new forklift models, SFL-CDD15 and SFL-CBD16-S, were presented. Together with AMB-CSW04 and SJV-SW600, a joint operation demonstration was conducted through the RDS unified resource dispatching system. This showcase highlighted the seamless integration and coordination among the various products, emphasizing the efficiency and flexibility of the unified system in handling and logistics operations.

Live shots, LET highlights

1."Directly targeting the product, 'One Brain, One Chain' perfectly interprets it."

The static exhibition area on the right side of the booth displays the SRC series core controllers, various types of partner-built vehicle components, and the M4 intelligent logistics management system. From hardware to software, it provides visitors with a one-stop, user-friendly new experience in intelligent logistics.

If the one-stop vehicle manufacturing wall is a concrete interpretation of "One Brain, One Chain", then the M4 system propels the application of "One Brain, One Chain" towards a higher level of intelligence.

The M4 is an enterprise intelligent logistics management system that integrates fleet management (FMS/RCS), logistics equipment management (WCS), warehouse management system (WMS), and various other solutions, truly achieving an "All in One" approach where a single system can flexibly meet the business needs of the entire warehouse logistics scenario.

2.Direct Dialogue: Pioneering Exploration in "Intelligent Logistics"

On the morning of May 29th, Yang Yong, the director of the Guangzhou Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and his team visited the exhibition hall and inspected the SEER Robotics booth. Mu Nan, the general manager of SEER Robotics Shenzhen Branch, accompanied the visit and provided explanations focusing on the new product series of SEER Robotics.

During the new product launch, new strategies, 518 intelligent equipment online, Gaogong robots, logistics product network, robot online, logistics technology and application, and other mainstream media in the industry focused on the SEER Robotics booth and started a theme dialogue.

At the same time as the exhibition, two major award ceremonies were officially held, and SEER Robotics won the "Golden Ant Most Popular User Technology Innovation Award" and the "Golden Power Award AGV/AMR Innovation and Application Award". With 100% core technology self-research, SEER Robotics is committed to promoting the application of innovative technology in intelligent logistics, providing customers with more intelligent and convenient products and services.

Good gifts keep coming, waiting for you to punch in

At the exhibition site, not only are there heavy product demonstrations and professional technical explanations, but SEER Robotics also brought rich gifts. "SEER super energy run, Q&A interaction, scanning code punching" can obtain SEER Robotics IP peripherals, and there are more big gifts first come, first served.

On the afternoon of May 30, the "Flexible Manufacturing and Intelligent Logistics Application Forum" will be held in Meeting Room 1 of Hall 17.1. Mu Nan, the general manager of the Shenzhen branch of SEER Robotics, was invited to attend and will share the latest robot products and innovative technology achievements of SEER Robotics in the speech, and discuss the extensive application and innovative upgrade of intelligent logistics with everyone.

The excitement continues, welcome to the SEER Robotics booth at 18.1 Pavilion C16!

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