SEER NEW PRODUCT | Designed for the textile industry


SRC-powered Laser SLAM Transfer Automatic Forklift SFL-CBD20-L, upgraded from CBD20-S, is designed for the textile industry. With some advanced features such as long forks, long battery life and dual in-position check, it can easily solve the problem of irregular loading of material trucks and meet the handling needs of heavy loads at one time. This product is suitable for application scenarios of heavy loads and the preferred robot for solutions in the textile industry.



1.9m Long forklift forks

Designed for heavy loads in the textile industry

The length of the forklift forks can be customized according to the size of the loads.



270A/h Ultra-large capacity

Continuous operation for 12 hours to meet the labor demand of the textile industry in two shifts



Dual in-position check

Both machinery and ultrasonic in-position check (Compatible with various material trucks)



3D Obstacle avoidance

Safe and reliable with 360° protection

2T Heavy load

Rated loads up to 2000kg

Real laser SLAM

Easy to deploy with trackless route navigation



Various applications

Ramp, gap, elevator, transfer

Pallet recognition

Upper/lower deviation: ±30cm,±30°

Automatic charging

Support automatic charging without staff


Under the mission of “Standardized Products, Customized Applications”, SEER provides customers with one-stop logistics solutions including controllers, mobile robots, logistics digitization and visual AI. Each standard product of SEER is the one that meets the various needs of customers. Even in customized applications in special industries, it can be upgraded slightly on the basis of standard one to meet customers' customized needs and provide the suitable solutions for different industries.

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