Hi! I am the No. 0 employee of SEER Intelligent——Zero!


Hello everyone

I am the No. 0 employee of SEER Intelligent, "Zero"!

I am the oldest employee of SEER Intelligent



After all, since the establishment of the company, I have been in SEER Intelligent and accompany SEER employees to grow together.



I am also the smallest employee of SEER Intelligent

After all, I was born today and I am still a veritable "big zero child"



I am a little wolf

I represent the belief of SEER Intelligent Team Cooperation

And our pursuit of creating happiness



I am Slime

I can become a robot with a variety of shapes to adapt to different application scenarios

Complete the mission of SEER Intelligent to support non-standard applications with standard products

At the same time, my name Slime is still a homophonic of laser SLAM!



I am zero

It is the original intention of SEER Intelligence to always start up new business

It is the attitude that SEER Intelligence always maintains a low-profile learning attitude

It is also the process of SEER Intelligence to build an intelligent industrial control infrastructure from scratch



I can be seen in every corner of the company in the future

And I also have an exclusive emoji package!


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