SEER | A Breakthrough Solution for Smart Logistics in the Food and Packaging Industry


2021 Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition Joint Exhibition is composed of FoodPack China 2021 and ProPak China 2021 and was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from June 23rd to 25th, 2021.



Multiple exhibition| Connecting the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain

This exhibition provides a broader space for overseas companies to explore the Chinese market. The high degree of internationalization of the exhibition and the diversity of exhibits have built a platform for exhibitors and professional visitors to expand Sino-foreign trade, attracting about 20 countries and regions around the world and nearly a thousand exhibitors in the food, beverage, dairy, daily chemical, fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical, health and other industries. Through all-round and in-depth exchanges, they provided strategic solutions for global processing and packaging companies in business development, technology, research and development, engineering and other fields.



Keynote Speech | [Support non-standard applications with standardized products]

As the supporter behind the AGV manufacturer and integrator and the upstream solution provider of the smart logistics industry, SEER was invited to attend the exhibition summit forum. Yang Li, the marketing director of SEER, on behalf of SEER delivered a keynote speech of Support Non-standard Products Application with Standardized Products, discussing the application of smart logistics with the food and packaging industry.



Simultaneous live broadcast | SEER had dialogue with food packaging industry

At the same time, SEER was invited to participate in the live online Q&A to answer the most concerning questions in the food packaging industry and provide one-stop solutions for manufacturing and smart logistics for the global food packaging industry.



SEER's case and layout in the food and packaging industry

SEERt's relevant solutions have been maturely applied by more than ten well-known companies such as Fujiya, Dingjin, and Master Kong. In 2021, based on our understanding of smart logistics in the food industry, we accelerated the expansion and layout of the food logistics industry, won the trust of many well-known companies, and introduced SEER's one-stop solutions.

Five major pain points

  1. Cleanliness and hygiene requirements are relatively high. And the requirements for logistics equipment and related robots are relatively high, too;
  2. The food industry has a high space utilization rate, a narrow site, dense storage spaces, and high requirements for logistics traffic control;
  3. The internal logistics of food has a large flow. And there are many types of SKU and corresponding packaging units, which require relatively large flexible control;
  4. The logistics automation of the traditional food industry is relatively mature, and the equipment modification space is small;
  5. The value of the unit of goods is low, and the requirement for ROI is high.

SEER Solution

  1. Our robots have applied safety and cleanliness certification, which fully meets the standards of use in the food industry, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical manufacturing fields;
  2. SEER's intelligent AMR robot adopts laser SLAM navigation and can be deployed quickly without any modification on the scene. In addition, SEER has been deeply cultivated in the field of laser navigation for many years. Additionally, it is a global leader in positioning algorithms, control and other levels, which can perfectly adapt to the changing scenes of the food industry;



  1. SEER’s RDS has powerful functions and rich interfaces, which can be perfectly connected with MES, WMS and other systems, reducing overall deployment costs, and fulfilling the needs of unmanned chemical factories;
  2. Roboshop pro, a one-stop implementation tool of SEER, is simple and easy to operate, and can help customers complete the upgrade and deployment of intelligent logistics quickly.
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