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Autonomous Mobile Robot Solutions

Complete Suite of AMRs

Comprehensive coverage of Latent Jacking Robots, Picking Robots, Automatic Forklifts, Composite Robots, Roller Robots, Shuttle Picking Robots, and more.

Full-Process Site Logistics

Suitable for all aspects of site logistics, including loading and unloading, sorting, moving, bin stacking, material cage stacking, pallet stacking, warehouse inbound/outbound, and line-side deposit/access.

A unified dispatching system connects all product categories for efficient collaboration.



AMR Series Products | SEER AMR

Standard AMR Chassis

The AMB (Auto Mobile Base) series are standard AMR chassis equipped with laser SLAM technology; core mapping, positioning, and navigation functions; and abundant internal extension ports.



Automatic Forklift

The SRC-powered laser SLAM automatic forklifts come equipped with an internal SRC core controller along with 360° safety to meet the requirements of loading and unloading, sorting, moving, high-elevation shelf stacking, material cage stacking, and pallet stacking application scenarios. This series of robots features a wide range of models, a large variety of loads, and supports customization to provide powerful solutions for the moving of pallets, material cages, and racks.



Standard Latent Jacking Transfer Robot

The AMB-J and SJV series of laser SLAM standard latent jacking transfer robots come equipped with an internal SRC core controller and smart recognition functionality. They are capable of satisfying a variety of transfer scenarios with a load of 150-1000kg, and provide efficient and rapid solutions for rack transfer.



Box Moving Robot

The world’s first laser SLAM Multilayer Picking Robot, equipped with SRC series core controllers. By utilizing Visual AI, the controller realizes the accurate picking and placement of materials and flexible matching of multiple operational heights to meet the flexible connection requirements of different platforms such as rollers, shelves, latent AGVs, and manual workstations, and serves as the perfect facilitator for factory’s lineside warehouses.



Customized AMRs

SEER’s non-standard AMRs powered by standard AMR chassis is based on the company’s concept of ““Standardized Products, Customized Applications”. This meets the moving demands of various highly customized scenarios.



Other Accessories

Special accessories for robots (primarily charging piles and handheld devices) provide users with a more flexible and efficient experience.



Robot Selection Guide

There are many kinds of autonomous mobile robots , and many customers will be confused when they see so many types of robots -【What kind of robots can we use, and what kind of robots can solve the problem in my present scenario?】

Don’t Worry! SEER has two steps to solve your problem.

Step1.Select the appropriate AMR in accordance with the standard load type:



Then,according to the standardized products, customized applications to solve the problems.

Step2.Select corresponding standardized solutions in accordance with application scenarios.



What if there is no standard product in the existing standardized solution? SEER can also provide the following services, full coverage of your autonomous mobile robot needs!

1.Provide the Standard Chassis+ Secondary Development.

Provide the standard and simplest AMR chassis AMB/AMB-J/AMB-XS, it is enabled by the standard controller and software, support the scripted programming, control random complex non-standard upper mechanism.

2.Provide the Robot Design and Manufacturing Consulting Services.

Provide the screened and tested high-quality standard parts, and instruct the users to independently design and manufacture the robot meeting the characteristic demand. (it is still enabled by the standard controller and software)



Mission / Values / Vision



SEER always sticks to [achieve own value through bringing benefits to others, integrity and breakthrough thinking, entrepreneurship and pursuit of excellence] brand values, earnestly keeps the original intention and achieves common growth, creates the value for the partner and happiness for the employee.


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