Gaining momentum | SEER was Invited to North China Intelligent Logistics and Robot Development Summit


On July 19th, the North China In-plant Line Logistics and Warehousing Intelligent Development Engineering Conference, hosted by the China Mobile Robot (AGV) Industry Alliance, opened successfully in Qingdao. The conference provides a professional, comprehensive and direct platform and window for application enterprises to understand warehousing robots, attracting over ten enterprises from mobile robot industry chains, intelligent logistics integrators and intelligent warehousing. The China-Japan-Korea Conference, imported concurrently with it, will more precisely promote the landing of mobile robots in North China's application market.



Mr. Yu Chengdong, Deputy Director of Marketing Center of SEER, attended the conference on behalf of the company and delivered a keynote speech on "Standardized Products, Customized Applications ". He created new directions and opportunities for the petrochemical, e-commerce, food, medical, new energy, tire, textile, warehouse and logistics industries. New methods and models were discussed to promote in-depth cooperation.



During the speech, Mr. Yu analyzed the one-stop intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics solutions for the controller, robot, system and vision AI, and the concepts involved, adhering to the enterprise mission of supporting non-standard applications with standardized products.



The enterprise mission comes from the top of the company promotes SEER to keep learning. It has three product concepts, those are "upward integration, downward development", "scenario problems are all about product" and "human-oriented hardware and software implementation tools". Bearing these ideas in mind, they are devoted to helping integrators and end customers solve problems at the root, assisting traditional enterprises to realize intelligent transformation, and blazing new inflection points and business forms for industry development and new scenario applications.



In the meantime, SEER analyzed the typical cases of SEER. From 3C, food, automobile manufacturing industry to photovoltaic industry, SEER has provided solutions for 20+ industries, created over 100 types of AMR bodies with various shapes, assisted more than 800 integrators, body manufacturers and end customers to realize the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics, and effectively provided new solutions for enterprises to develops better and faster.

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