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RoboView | VisualVisual AI Solutions

The RoboView VisualAI solution utilizes advanced backend machine vision algorithms (RoboView Server) and an intuitive and easy-to-use frontend interface (RoboView GUI) to provide clients with Visual AI in production, safety, management, and other application scenarios. The solution covers the entire process of preliminary research, mid-term R&D, deployment, and later product maintenance and upgrades to help enhance production efficiency and accelerate intelligent transformation.



/ Solution Layout

RoboView  VisualVisual AI Solutions

1:RoboView Server Algorithm Platform

2:RoboView GUI Interactive Software

3:Vision Server

4:2D/3D Camera

5:Training Courses and After-Sales Services




#RoboView Server Algorithm Platform

RoboView Server is a powerful algorithm platform that includes a variety of machine vision algorithm packages. The platform supports the flexible integration of various vision algorithms to create easy-to-deploy and practical workflow solutions, and enables the efficient completion of production scenario tasks.

Algorithms include: Cutting-edge deep learning (detection, positioning, segmentation, tracking), 3D recognition, positioning, posture evaluation, OCR, QR Code recognition, and hand-eye calibration algorithms used to link execution structures of robotic arms and AGVs.


# RoboView GUI Interactive Software

RoboView GUI is interactive software that integrates deployment, configuration, rendering, and display. The software includes native support for SEER’s RoboView Server algorithm backend, along with multiple platforms (including Windows and Linux).



/ Functions and Application Scenarios

RoboView help enhance production efficiency and accelerate intelligent transformation. Storage Site, personnel, and integrated AGV management.Management provide users with a more flexible and efficient experience.



#1 Efficient Manufacturing

On the production line, RoboView Server can connect to a variety of camera types (laser cameras, etc.) to capture goods in any position within the field of view. Once a 3D point cloud is acquired, recognition and positioning are performed to accurately calculate the item’s posture and shape (up to 0.1mm accuracy). This information is then sent to the robotic arm or AGV for precise picking, packaging, forklift, transportation, or specialized tasks such as smart glue application .



#2 Management

RoboView Server captures images from surveillance videos in real time, performs target recognition and tracking on personnel, goods, and AGVs, then binds them to specific planning areas to realize decision-making with operational logic. RoboView Server performs real-time analysis of personnel travel routes in task scenarios, trajectories of AGV routes, and all location statuses in the area, then sends this data to upper-layer systems such as the master control or dispatch system through theSEERstandard API to complete higher-level semantic tasks .  



#3  Safety

RoboView Server receives real-time video collected through a live camera feed, evaluates the site scenario through different vision algorithms, then sends data to the corresponding dispatch or master control system through the SEER Standard API to ensure the real-time safety of work and production.



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