Awards in 2020 The Real Strength in SEER


Time goes by, 2020 has come to an end. With the joint efforts of staff in SEER, SEER won many trophies in 2020, which embody the hard work and sweat of every SEER staff, and are also the driving force for SEER to move forward.

Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Award



On August 13, 2020, SEER, with its unique full-aware logistics solution, successfully won the "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Award" in CAIMRS 2020 sponsored by gongkong.

CIIF Robot Award



In 2020, in the China International Industrial Expo (co-sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization), there were a lot of new product launches at the SEER booth. The display area shows how SEER's main products are operated, and truly realize the intelligent operation of factory cargo handling. Moreover, SEER won the CIIF Robot Award for its SRC series core controller.

Quality Enterprise of Mobile Robot Supply Chain - Control Module



As a benchmark enterprise in the field of mobile robot, SEER was invited to participate in the High-tech Mobile Robot Industry Summit 2020, which is sponsored by the Institute of High-Tech Robot and High-Tech Industries. With its self-developed SRC-2000 series core controller, SEER successfully won the award of "Quality Enterprise of Mobile Robot Supply Chain - Control Module".

2020 New Enterprise Award by Capek



Relying on its "All in one, highly integrated software system"+ "the most powerful brain of mobile robots with strong adaptability, SRC core controller" + "full-aware logistics system solutions with comprehensive disclosure of technical systems", SEER helps customers realize intelligent production, promote industrial informatization and digital transformation and upgrading. SEER's technological innovation capabilities, market applications, and industry attitudes have been recognized by customers and the industry, and thus won the "2020 New Enterprise Award" by Capek.

Annual Innovation Technology Award 2020 by GG Robot



SEER has won the "Annual Innovation Technology Award 2020 (Control system category)" of the Advanced Engineering Golden Globe Award sponsored by Industrial Control Network for its novel development idea, practicability and safety of AMR safety core controller, SRC-3000FS.

Top 50 of China's robot industry chain



SEER, with its excellent technical capacity, meticulous product service and good reputation in the industry, has been selected as the top 50 of China's robot industry chain in the Advanced Engineering Golden Globe Award. This honor has promoted SEER to move forward.

Top10 Key Parts Enterprises in Shenzhen 2020



On December 26, 2020, SEER was invited to attend the 2020 Shenzhen Robotics Annual Award Ceremony jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Robotics Association and the magazine, Robot and Intelligent System, and was honored to win the award of "Top10 Key Parts Enterprises in Shenzhen 2020". This is also the recognition given by the sector to SEER for its outstanding contribution to the field of intelligent manufacturing and robot since its establishment.

The silver award of "MEI Awards



On December 28, 2020, SEER was invited to attend the China "MEI Awards" Award Ceremony hosted by, and was awarded the silver award of "MEI Awards" (industrial equipment and components). According to statistics, this is the fifth award won by SEER for its SRC core controller, SRC-3000FS in 2020 for its safety and reliability and it is the first time that SEER has won the recognition given by the industry for its contribution to the development from "made in China" to "invented by China", which has given SEER greater value.

Industry Benchmark Award of "MEI Awards" in China



SEER has won the Industry Benchmark Award of "MEI Awards" in China for its pioneering creative thinking, extreme product development ideas and unique understanding of intelligent manufacturing.

In the coming 2021, work may be even more difficult. Increasing competition sometimes brings us great pressure, but SEER has been constantly turning pressure into motivation, which is the root of progress. SEER develops in progress and innovates in progress. Although the process can be hard and painful, it is only for short time. Long-term development is the result we have always wanted! It is believed that we will do better in 2021!

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