DATE: 2022/09/16

SEER standard products appear in Japan LTT 2022

On September 13, 2022, Logistics Tech Tokyo (LTT) 2022, an international transport logistics exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, officially opened in Tokyo, Japan!

LTT exhibition is not only the largest logistics exhibition in Asia, but also the only logistics exhibition in Japan. The four-day logistics exhibition gathered more than 500 logistics enterprises from around the world to jointly display and discuss the latest practical achievements and development ideas of the logistics industry.

SEER has always adhered to the dual track development strategy of domestic and foreign markets, and has also made outstanding achievements in overseas markets. By providing overseas integrators with product portfolio+after-sales training, we will serve the integrators and help them improve their implementation capabilities.

As the only logistics exhibition in Japan, LTT 2022 will be an excellent opportunity for SEER to continue to expand the Japanese market; At the same time, as the most important logistics exhibition in Asia, it will also be a key exhibition window for SEER to continuously explore the Asian market.

1、 Unmanned handling chassis AMB-150-D: one chassis with multiple applications

In this LTT 2022 exhibition, the AMB-150-D handling robot with roller module launched by SEER made a heavy debut and participated in the production line transportation demonstration.

AMB-150-D belongs to SEER AMB series unmanned handling chassis. In addition to the roller structure shown in this exhibition, the upper part of the chassis can also be expanded freely with jacking, manipulator, hidden traction, PTZ, display screen, etc. to achieve a variety of applications of a chassis.

With the use of SEER RDS, MWMS and Meta-V digital software, it can also realize the unified scheduling and deployment of hundreds of AMR products at the same time, thus greatly improving the level of intelligent logistics and transportation within the factory.

2、 Support non-standard applications with standardized products and enable multiple scenarios

SEER always adheres to the product development concept of "supporting non-standard applications with standardized products". Although the industrial scenarios are non-standard, multiple scenarios can still be solved through standardized products.

SEER believes that standardized products can be understood as "least common multiple", allowing modification, allowing customers to create independently, and making them simple and easy to use on the basis of rich functions.

By providing integrators with "3+2" products and services, SEER perfectly solves various terminal implementation problems of integrators with a strong product matrix and a perfect service system.

Based on forward-looking and global development thinking, SEER will accelerate its overseas layout in 2021; In 2022, an overseas base centered on Japan and Germany was established, and a German branch was established. Its service outlets have spread to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

In the future, SEER will appear in more global exhibitions. Through service integrators, SEER's products will go global, serve a wider range of users, and promote the development of mobile robot industry.

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