DATE: 2022/10/31

SEER Appears at Robot World in Korea&BAUMA in Germany

From October 24 to October 30, the German International Construction Machinery and Accessories Exhibition BAUMA 2022 was grandly held in Munich, and SEER and overseas integrators participated in the exhibition for the first time; From October 26 to October 29, Robot World 2022, the Korea Robot World Exhibition, was held in Seoul. SEER and its standardized products appeared again.

In the two exhibitions, several SEER mobile robot products were highly popular, showing SEER's control charm and technical strength.

ROK Robot World (left), Germany BAUMA (right)

1、 "3+2" products and services have won recognition in the East and West markets

During the two major exhibitions of Robot World in Korea and BAUMA in Germany, SEER, together with overseas integrators, demonstrated a number of SEER standardized products, including mobile robot AMB chassis, laser SLAM stackable intelligent forklift SFL-CDD14-CE, laser SLAM ground intelligent forklift SFL-MP10S and built-in SEER SRC series core controllers.

Whether Korean or German customers, they are not only interested in the hard power of product technology, but also attach great importance to the soft power of relevant services that a company can provide. They believe that the products made by companies that can achieve the best after-sales and service must also be trustworthy. This is also very consistent with SEER's development philosophy.

SEER adheres to "3+2" products and services, focusing on research and development, improving standardized products and services, establishing an integrator training and certification mechanism, promoting both internal and external improvement, and standing at the forefront of the market.

2、 Continue to deepen the strategy of overseas integrators and expand the global industrial intelligent logistics layout

Since its layout in overseas markets, SEER's globalization process has been accelerating. So far this year, SEER has launched projects in more than 20 countries and regions, and has repeatedly appeared in global level exhibitions and local offline activities in South Korea, Germany, Japan, Vietnam and other places. On the one hand, deepen the global layout, on the other hand, improve SEER's ability to serve local customers.

Previous SEER overseas exhibitions:

At the end of September this year, SEER released the overseas integrator strategy, aiming to enhance SEER's regional influence and give play to the advantages of standardized product portfolio by recruiting more overseas integrator partners.

The integrator strategy is another important measure to improve the ability to serve overseas customers and balance the quality of globalization and localization services introduced after SEER established a branch in Germany. It is hoped that SEER standardized products can be brought to all parts of the world to serve more regional customers. Finally, it will work with all integrators to promote the global industrial intelligent logistics process and build a thriving, harmonious and win-win ecological atmosphere.