DATE: 2022/03/07

International Robot Exhibition 2022 in Tokyo, Japan

iREX 2022 (March 9-12, 2022), the most influential robot exhibition in the world, is held grandly in Tokyo, Japan!

SEER shows up in booth E7-56 with global navigation technology and control technology and gathers 650 outstanding enterprises together from all over the world showcasing the world's leading robotic technologies to officially launch the global industrial intelligentization.

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SEER), founded by the RoboCup world champion team, is an industrial logistics solution provider centered on intelligent control and digitalization.

SEER adopts the world's leading technologies and concepts to deliver end-to-end industrial logistics solutions with intelligence, efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness, which covers mobile robot controllers, AMRs and supporting system software, and helps customers around the world reduce costs and improve efficiencies, therefore fulfilling intelligent and digital upgrades.

Taking account of overseas market circumstances, SEER exhibits its full line of world-leading SRC series core controllers at this exhibition. The powerful functions, abundant application scenarios and complete set of sophisticated solutions will bring efficient, intelligent, reliable and easy-to-use AMR experience to local integrators and end customers in Japan.

SRC-2000, the basic AMR controller, can control various types of mobile robots. The latest version of SRC-2000 can even control the arms of composite robots.

SRC-3000FS, the first AMR safety controller in the world, integrates all functions of SRC-2000 and is certified by CE to build safety AMRs.

SRC-800, the multi-functional controller, can control the service robots, shuttles, stackers, automatic door traffic lights and many other kinds of intelligent factory infrastructure. Featuring smaller footprint and higher cost performance, it can realize the comprehensive plant control and unified deployment easily.

In terms of mobile robots, SEER exhibits two AMR products: AMB-J Latent Jacking Robot and SFL-CDD14 Laser SLAM Small Stacker Automatic Forklift. Powered by SRC series core controllers, these two AMRs deliver accurate navigation and can cooperate with the RDS unified resource scheduling system to perform a variety of tasks intelligently and efficiently.

The automatic forklift can perform synchronous lifting/lowering while traveling, provide accurate and quick pallet recognition and run smoothly without lagging.

The AMB-J appears in the production line demonstration session. It is dispatched together with multiple vehicles to exhibit the convenience of deployment and the scheduling flexibility, demonstrating the efficiency, flexibility and power of China's intelligent manufacturing.

MWMS (Warehouse Logistics Management System), Meta-V (Data Visualization System), and RoboView Vision AI solutions are all presented in video form.

Today, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, the most influential industrial media in Japan, came to SEER booth and had a deep interview on the intelligent technology and product philosophy of SEER, strengthening the impression of China's robot industry.

Adhering to the brand values of “Benefiting, Achieving, Integrity, Uncommonness, Entrepreneurship Persisting, and Ultimate Pursuing” and relying on its superb capacities of products, solutions and services, SEER has served 800+ enterprises worldwide. Customers are involved in semiconductors, 3C (Computer, Communication, and Consumer Electronics), lithium batteries, photovoltaics, auto parts, PCB, textile, medical treatment and many other fields and business coveres in over 20 countries and regions all over the world including Asia, North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. The company's project delivery rate is up to 100%. SEER has got what it takes to pioneer the intelligent progress of industrial logistics!