DATE: 2021/10/15

Get SEER Seen at ROBOTWORLD in Seoul, South Korea - 2


ROBOTWORLD 2021 in South Korea

From October 27 to 30, ROBOTWORLD 2021, hosted by KAR and KIRIA, officially kicked off in Seoul, South Korea. As the leading brand in the industry, SEER is invited to attend ROBOTWORLD 2021 with various products of world-class standard. It’s a good chance to show the world China at its best in robotics.


Global Robotics Market is sparked by the collision among top technology

ROBOTWORLD 2021 gathered 200 outstanding companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. Profile for exhibit includes several parts, such as AMR/AGV,Industrial Robot Zone, Service Robot Zone, Manufacturing Robot Zone, Robot Component / Software Zone and Network Robot Zone. Great changes of global robotics market will happen in the competitive and advanced technology.


One-stop solution provider for Intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (SEER) is a one-stop solution provider for intelligent manufacturing and smart logistics and a facilitator of AMR Manufacturing, Integration and terminal customers. The company is committed to the construction of core control infrastructure and providing controller, AMR, logistics digitalization and visual AI solutions to help enterprises realize smart manufacturing and logistics transformation while enhancing efficiency and value in a comprehensive manner.


SEER products with powerful features impress the all

In terms of controllers, SEER shows all series of AMR controllers.The full-functional AMR controller SRC-2000 can control all types of robots even the arms of composite robots.The world's first safe-functional controller SRC-3000FS not only fully covers the functions of SRC-2000, but also combines the safety certification. It is the best choice to build safety AMRs.The multi-functional controller SRC-800 can control various intelligent factory infrastructures such as service robots, shuttles, stackers, automatic door and traffic lights to achieve comprehensive control and unified deployment of factory.

In terms of robots, SEER shows laser SLAM omni-directional latent and jacking transfer robot SJV-W600DS-DL and laser SLAM small stacker automatic forklift SFL-CDD14.On the scene, SFL-CDD14 shows its smooth operation from forklifts prong lifting and dropping while operation, pallet stacking, pallet recognition and automatic charging. Besides, SJV-W600DS-DL shows efficient and rapid solutions for rack transfer. It has to be said that these products are based on the domestic SEER SRC series core controllers.

RDS(机器人及自动化设备统一资源调度系统),MWMS(仓储物流管理系统),SEER V(数据可视化系统),RoboView 视觉 AI 解决方案均以视频形式展出。
In terms of robots’ software, RDS (Synergistic Resource Dispatch of Robotics and Automation Equipment), MWMS (Manufacturing Warehouse Management System), SEER V (Data Visualization System) and RoboView (Visual AI Solutions), SEER introduces them in detail through videos.


SEER marks a turnaround for the development of global robotics

SEER products with high-performance have aroused heated discussions among international manufacturers. It is SEER years of accumulation of projects that has turned the idea of solving the problem from products themselves into reality. It is SEER continuous product improvement that has optimized the industrial layout of the domestic intelligent manufacturing.

SEER products have been distributed in many countries in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. At the same time, SEER has founded a branch office in Germany and several overseas exhibitions are under preparation. SEER sticks to the corporate mission of [Standardized Products, Customized Applications] which will stimulate the development of global robotics industry and provide more opportunities.