DATE: 2023/03/23

The first overseas exhibition of 2023 set sail, and SEER appeared in the ProMat of the United States

On March 20th, local time, the ProMat 2023 exhibition opened at the Miami Convention Center in Chicago. With the theme of "BUILD YOUR OWN AMR WITHIN DAYS", at booth N-6156, SRC controller one-stop AMR building solution, Laser SLAM Counterbalanced Smart Forklift SFL-CPD15-T and Laser SLAM Latent Jacking Unmanned Chassis AMB-300J were showcased.

As the largest annual logistics show in North America, the biennial ProMat has become one of the must-attend exhibitions for manufacturing and supply chain professionals in North America, bringing together countless outstanding exhibitors.

This ProMat exhibition is also the first appearance of SEER , SRC controller one-stop AMR building solution and series of products are more close to the local needs, deeply sought after by the North American market, SEER booth attracted countless customers to stop and negotiate, showing product advantages and technical strength.

1. SRC controller one-stop AMR building solution

In this exhibition, SEER brought SRC series core controllers, and dismantled AMB-300J on site, visually displayed the internal assembly structure including SRC-2000 controller, and told the SRC controller one-stop AMR building solution through details.

▲ SRC controller and field-disassembled AMB-300J

SRC controller one-stop car making solution is an efficient car making solution built by SEER based on the controller for integrators and car manufacturers. It only takes nine steps to complete the manufacturing of AMR from 0-1, completely eliminating customers' concerns about car building, and build your AMR within days!

▲ Explain the SRC-3000FS controller to customers on site

The exhibition on the exhibition site attracted many customers to stop and consult about SRC controller. SRC-2000 can meet the design of most conventional models, while SRC-3000FS was successfully recognized by North American customers due to its functional safety characteristics, and become the worthy king of popularity in the exhibition.

▲ Explain the SRC-2000 controller to the customer on site

With the technical advantages of one-stop, highly integrated and efficient deployment, SEER SRC controller one-stop AMR making solution has successfully helped 800 + partners at home and abroad to build cars easily, and become the first choice for integrators and car manufacturers to manufacture AMR.

In the dynamic display area, SEER brought the standard product Laser SLAM Counterbalanced Smart Forklift SFL-CPD15-T based on SRC controller, which is cooperated with the JAKA robot to realize multi-process integrated handling.

Laser SLAM Counterbalanced Smart Forklift SFL-CPD15-T is slim and small rotation radius, even if the narrow space can still be stable operation, climbing, crossing, handling, stacking, palletizing, elevator.... easy response, with super adaptability and compatibility, it is the best choice for carrying and stacking three-runner pallets, cages, and goods on racks.

▲ Laser SLAM Counterbalanced Smart Forklift SFL-CPD15-T In the actual scene job

2. Accelerate the global layout and create a North American market ecosystem

Since 2021, the first independent overseas Korea Robot World exhibition, SEER successively in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Germany to participate in global exhibition, through overseas accumulation of resources, only a year has quickly achieved 20 + countries and regions of business coverage, show the strong running in the global market and absolute power.

▲ SEER global business coverage

In 2022, SEER’s Germany branch officially start preparations, then open overseas integrator partner program, continue to deepen SEER’s globalization layout, perfect the localization of the business service system, through the move has in Germany, Japan, South Korea, America, Australia, Italy, Britain and other countries to form local network system, through partners to provide local customers with more close products and services, power global intelligent logistics acceleration!

ProMat is not only the first exhibition of SEER in 2023, but also the first independent large-scale logistics exhibition in the United States. The 2023 SEER’s Global exploration journey officially opened. In April and May, we will continue to meet in Germany and the United States! Scan the QR code in the figure below to obtain the Hannover Messe 2023 invitation letter.