DATE: 03/24/2023

SEER IN Germany Meet us at Hannover Messe

HANNOVER MESSE is the largest international industrial event and it is considered to be an important international event linking the technical and business fields worldwide.

SEER will be exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE 2023 for the first time in Germany with the theme of " Build your own AMR within days".

The SEER booth is divided into three thematic areas: the mobile robot controller area, the mobile robot area and the mobile robot interactive experience area.

Products Exhibited


AMB-JS safety jacking car is a latent jack-up safety-type handling robot based on laser SLAM, with a load capacity of 500KG or 1000KG, capable of identifying various material racks correctly and jacking up goods racks. The built-in safety devices such as the SRC-3000FS safety controller comply with the CE MD mechanical safety, EMC electromagnetic safety, and RED radio safety directives. The brand-new SEER industrial design adds more taste of industrial character to the metal texture.


AMB-300XS is an upgraded version of AMB unmanned chassis. Focusing more on safety, the product is built with SRC-3000FS, integrating a dual-safe LIDAR for 360° laser-based obstacle avoidance, as well as an emergency stop button and anti-collision edges, to ensure the safety of people and machines to the greatest extent. AMB-300XS has five main safety functions, including area shielding, safe speed limit, safe protection parking, safe electrical monitoring, and system emergency shutdown. The product has passed the rigorous testing and evaluation of SGS, an international first-class authoritative certification body. It has obtained the new EU ISO3691-4:2020 safety directive certification, which is known as the 'highest and comprehensive safety standard in the EU to date'. It is compliant with the cleanliness test as per ISO Class 4. This product meets the standards for application in the semiconductor industry and can be directly connected to various upper-level mechanisms to create mobile robots suitable for the semiconductor industry.


SRC-3000FS is the latest safety controller developed by SEER, which integrates navigation and functional safety. It can provide mobile robots with basic functions such as map construction, positioning and navigation, as well as advanced functions such as automatic charging and 3D obstacle avoidance. And it meet IEC 61508, IEC 62061, ISO 13849 standards, which means AMR will no longer need a safety PLC, not only to reduce the overall cost of mobile robots, but also improve internal integration, compact space, simpler electrical connection.

We sincerely invite you to Hall 6, Booth F48 for more SEER products.

How can we make it easier for integrators to build AMRs? SEER's independently developed SRC series core controllers are one of the keys. How do SRC controllers, as the most powerful brain of AMRs, improve the user experience for automobile manufacturing?

SEER solutions for integrators include not only an SRC controller but also a comprehensive set of technical services that include SEER's massive vehicle model database and advanced technical support.

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