DATE: 04/20/2023

SEER debuts at Hannover Messe in Germany | many CE products get praise from European customers

The Hannover Messe 2023 was grandly opened on April 17, local time.

As the world's leading industrial trade fair, every Hannover Messe brings together a large number of outstanding exhibitors and the latest technological achievements from all over the world, and is recognized as an important platform to connect global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology application and international trade.

"First time" exhibitor, SEER booth attracts much attention

As the world's leading product portfolio provider for integrators with AMR controllers, mobile robots and digital software, SEER brings its leading products and 2023 new products to Hall 6, Booth F48, showcasing hardware products, system software and one-stop solutions about AMRs ....... The first time to participate in Hannover Messe, SEER from China will showcase its new products and technologies.

For the first time at Hannover Messe, SEER's booth not only attracted the attention of integrators, vehicle manufacturers and end customers from various industries, but also attracted the attention of many top domestic and international media and the Shanghai government, including Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, interact analysis, STIQ, etc. They interviewed SEER Vice President Zhang Sui and expressed their unanimous approval of SEER's products and AMRs solutions and filmed the product album, laying the foundation for SEER to enhance its visibility in the European market.

Focus on "safety", SEER CE products were presented

1. European Popularity King: Safety-Function AMR Controller SRC-3000FS

The SRC-3000FS, which became popular in Europe last year, came to Germany again this year, and European market partners are still interested in the SRC-3000FS.

The SRC-3000FS combines navigation, safety and multi-function in one, and is the only domestic controller in the world that has passed the SGS TÜV SAAR functional safety certification. The successful integration of functional safety modules inside the controller makes it no longer necessary to carry additional safety PLCs for manufacturing AMRs, which not only reduces the overall cost, but also improves the internal integration of the device, making the space more compact and the electrical connection simpler.

SRC-3000FS meets CE-EMC, CE-LVD and CE-RED certifications to meet the needs of European customers in a variety of AMRs manufacturing scenarios, while helping domestic enterprises to build AMRs without worry.

2. Safety jacking, large load: Laser SLAM Safety Jacking Transfer Robot AMB-1000JS

2023 New product AMB-1000JS is a Laser SLAM Latent Jacking Transfer Robot, which debuts in the European market.

The AMB-1000JS is equipped with SEER's new industrial design, with a new and upgraded appearance, smaller size and higher load up to 1T; it supports 7cm+ distance from one side to identify the shelf in a wide area, automatically corrects the deflection and then drills into the shelf accurately to improve the success rate of loading; it supports 40A fast charging, with a charging time of 1 hour and a full load life of 7 hours, improving the operating time and efficiency.

AMB-1000JS has built-in safety devices such as SRC-3000FS safety controller, which complies with CE MD mechanical safety, EMC electromagnetic safety and RED radio safety directives, making it more suitable for European market.

3. Safety Upgrade, Narrow Aisle Free: Compact Stacker Intelligent Forklift SFL-CDD14-CE

SFL-CDD14-CE is also a CE certified product specially made for European market. As an old friend of European market, it has appeared in large exhibitions in Germany for many times and won customers' praise with its strength.

The SFL-CDD14-CE is ISO3691-4 certified, achieving PLd level safety protection, with a slim body and only 1.2m turning radius, designed for dense and narrow aisle space.

4. Newly launched, safe and worry-free: Laser SLAM Mobile Robot Chassis AMB-300XS

The AMB-300XS is an upgraded version of the AMB unmanned transport chassis launched by SEER at the end of 2022, with more emphasis on "safety". The built-in safety controller SRC-3000FS, with dual safety LIDAR to achieve 360° laser obstacle avoidance, with emergency stop button and anti-collision touch edge, etc., ensure the maximum safety of human-robot mixing.

AMB-300XS has passed the strict test and evaluation of SGS international first-class authoritative certification body, and obtained the new EU ISO3691-4:2020 safety directive certification, which is called "the most stringent and comprehensive safety standard of the EU assessment so far", and passed the cleanliness test to meet the ISO Class 4 level, which can meet the high cleanliness requirements of semiconductor and other industries. It can meet the application standards of industries with high cleanliness requirements, such as semiconductors, dock with various upper-level organizations, and build various types of mobile robots more easily. At the exhibition, SEER dynamically demonstrated the composite robot based on the AMB-300XS chassis.

SEER builds an ecosystem for the European market with multiple "endorsements"

The SEER Global Partner Program is ongoing, and this time in Hannover, Germany, more new ecological friends were welcomed, enriching the SEER European market ecosystem.

Many European companies not only recognized the CE-certified mobile robot products, but also were interested in the SEER SRC controller one-stop AMRs building solution, and had in-depth discussions with SEER engineers on the requirements.

SEER SRC controller is committed to making your own AMRs within days, not only powerful, adaptable, easy to learn the steps of building a car, a complete AMR can be manufactured in nine simple steps. We have formed a rich library of SEER models to help more customers build AMRs quickly.

The "Wonderful" continues, please visit SEER booth

Hannover Messe 2023 is in progress, welcome to visit our booth.

Booth:Hall 6, F48

Time: April 17-21 (German time)