The core of MWMS is a low-code system

Faced with highly differentiated and complex needs , companies used to have only two options :

·The differentiation is achieved by buying expensive domestic and foreign first-tier products with extremely complex configurations ; if this is not possible , it can only be achieved by (still expensive ) secondary development by (highly uneven ) agencies .
·The cost , lead time and trial-and-error cycle of full custom development with an outsourcing company is high ; it is difficult to iterate . The average lifespan of such outsourcing companies are less than three years , and after a few years , there is no one to upgrade the system .

MWMS not only supports a large number of configuration options , but also supports low code development + scripted development .

·The most differentiated parts of the business process can be built with a visual industrial process engine .
·The customisation of the interface , the data , can be achieved through a visual data engine .
·For highly customisable , or where writing code is more appropriate (e . G system interfacing ) , this can be achieved through a scripting language such as Python .
·Through scripting , MWMS is a highly customisable system .

Enterprise systems are not an one-shot deal . Businesses evolve and innovate , and systems need to have the ability to optimise as they evolve . It is important to businesses to look beyond the first cost of ownership and pay more attention to the larger cost of ownership later on . Using a system that is easier to upgrade and optimise saves on the total cost of ownership in the long term .