Digital Transformation of Warehousing and Logistics
Digital TransformationAutomation|Informatization|intelligentization


·Traditional: people moving and transporting, people driving cars, forklifts, cranes ......
·Practitioners are increasingly difficult to recruit: aging, tired and afraid of hardship, not high wages, epidemic
·The machine can work 24 hours, the machine is not afraid of high temperature, danger, machines make fewer mistakes than people
·What automated warehouse and logistics equipment is available ? Mobile robots , stacker cranes , shuttles , automatic sorting equipment , unmanned trucks , unmanned cranes .


·Manual bookkeeping: cumbersome, error-prone, not easy to find; can't check anytime, anywhere ......
·Statistics: without a system, it takes hours or days; with a system, the statistics are done instantly
·No system assistance and control, manual operation is prone to errors
·The system automatically places orders and dispatches orders, reducing a lot of verbal communication
·More scientific and efficient decision-making, such as outbound goods selection, optimized picking paths
·Supply chain upstream and downstream integration with data interoperability, such as delivery notification and receipt preparation, automatic quotation, automatic replenishment ......
·Informatization is the basis of true automation and a prerequisite for intelligence


The premise of intelligent is to achieve automation and information technology, otherwise it is just a “building in the air”.