SEED V: Data Visualization

SEED V is a service centered on data visualization technology. It uses low code and chart editing tools to analyze and integrate data obtained from corporate information systems, or business systems, and process them into Data View, 3D visualization and other application scenarios.

Example of SEED V interface


Data View

SEED V provides wealth and cool Data View templates. In addition, it has built-in visualization component. Users can drag and drop to create Data View.

SEED V is rich in application scenarios and can be configured and applied to various scenarios according to business needs, such as, monitoring centers, conference centers, production plants, etc..

SEED V has a high degree of openness. Users can customize the Data View according to business needs and create exclusive Data View visualization.

3D Visualization

SEED V relies on a combination of hardware and software for data acquisition, allowing reality and virtualization to be combined. It enables remote monitoring, remote control and other functions. For example, real-time display of equipment operation status, storage position cargo management, car transportation direction display, production process demonstration, etc.

SEED V can make the data visual and easy to understand, improve the efficiency of managers and assist in decision making.

SEED V visualization tool interface

Extended VR capabilities

SEED V enables virtual reality by extending VR devices. Users can manage and monitor their business through immersive interactions.



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