DATE: 2023/10/24

There is a wonderful world of low code!

SEER Robotics has a group of excellent wizards, injecting strong vitality into our products. As a product company with a number of core technologies of mobile robots, the total proportion of R&D personnel of SEER Robotics is more than half, and every product and every R&D achievement is full of the hard work and wisdom of the R&D team, step by step to realize the "impossibility", and contribute to promoting the advancement of the field of mobile robots.

The "magic" of the Wizard of SEER Robotics is not only embodied in the skillful mastery of code and precise output, but more importantly, it is to break down the barrier for ordinary users, so that the concept of "low-code" can be more popularized and the "low-code" platform can be more easy to use.

Based on the advantages of low threshold, low cost, high efficiency and expandability, low-code is gradually becoming the first choice of more and more enterprises for digital transformation, and a new generation of productivity tools in various industry sectors.

The two major digitalization software of SEER Robotics, "Unified Resource Scheduling System (RDS)" and "Warehouse and Distribution Integration System (MWMS)", are mainly characterized by low-code. For many non-professionals, writing code is a very difficult thing, but based on the low-code platform of SEER Robotics, through simple drag-and-drop operation, users can build a variety of functional modules, according to the specific business scenarios to easily realize low-code development.

Unified Resource Scheduling System RDS

In the face of complex scheduling business requirements, RDS has the ability to freely "DIY" the business, RDS will have existing components and code blocks as "prefabricated parts", which can provide convenient and effective reuse, through the interface drag and drop, combination, you can build a variety of resources to participate in the combination of synchronous and asynchronous business processes.

With the Skywind low-code engine, you can quickly create a point-to-point transportation task by dragging and dropping a block of code in just 5 steps, and then "DIY" it independently for business customization and development. Combined with "online script customization" to reduce the threshold of business development and operation, science graduates can develop simple projects through RDS in two weeks of training.

Integrated Warehouse and Distribution System MWMS

In the past, when faced with highly differentiated and complex warehousing business needs, enterprises needed to purchase expensive products and achieve differentiation based on extremely complex configurations, and if the configurations could not be realized, high-cost secondary development was required.

Nowadays, based on MWMS system, there are not only 492+ rich system options to meet the basic business, but also through the visualization of low-code process engine to meet the complex business. The most differentiated part of the business process can be constructed by the visual industrial process engine; the customization of interface and data can be realized by the visual data engine.

Complex business flow can be quickly realized by drag-and-drop, reducing the threshold of building; tasks support rapid reuse and modification, modules and components can be reused or copied; support for logic control, process control in addition to support for loops, complex variables, concurrency and other high-level functions; support for simple point-to-point handling, can be realized in cyclic processing, parallel processing, multi-point handling, multi-vehicle collaboration, system interactions, equipment control, inventory warehousing logic and so on..

Finally, on this special day, let's pay tribute to those wizards who have been quietly working in the code world, every strike of the keyboard is a serious expression of the world, let's look forward to their wisdom and talent to create more wonders and beauties in the days to come!