DATE: 2023/10/24

One "Brain" One "Chain", SEER Robotics Builds a New Industry of Mobile Robots

"Openness and cooperation" is undoubtedly the key important trend and direction at present, and is also the popular development keyword of SEER Robotics this year.

The ever-changing, increasingly competitive mobile robot market, fighting alone can no longer meet the market demand, and no longer adapt to the development of the market, and work together to create an open and shared, win-win cooperation in the industry ecosystem is the right path to sustainable development.

Down to earth, SEER Robotics to take practical action to implement the "open sharing - win-win cooperation" development concept, organizing partner sharing sessions, regular training for integrators, partners with SEER Robotics products to global exhibitions ...... all-round expansion of the ecosystem, and is committed to the realization of the "so that mobile robots have no We are committed to realizing the goal of "making mobile robots without threshold".

Extending to the entire line of Cengong Intelligence products, "Open and Sharing - Win-Win Cooperation" is highly compatible with Cengong Intelligence's "One Brain, One Chain" product strategy.

One Brain, One Chain" adheres to the concept of "no threshold for mobile robots", positions itself as the value hub of the industry, and provides partners with a diversity of optional products such as "controllers+software+components", aiming to enhance customers' efficiency in vehicle construction and product competitiveness, and to promote the development of the upstream and downstream of the mobile robot industry ecosystem.

"Brain" is a controller and software, with its leading technology and open platform, practicing the concept of supporting non-standard applications with standardized products. We provide a perfect controller product matrix, comprehensive and easy-to-use software, and continue to lower the threshold of mobile robots.

"Chain" is the upstream and downstream industrial chain of mobile robots, which is intended to take the controller as the value hub, promote the standardization of products containing sensing, execution, energy and other components, and improve the efficiency of mobile robot design and manufacturing.

In the past, SEER Robotics focused on providing customers with the core component controller for manufacturing mobile robots, however, in-depth tracing of the entire mobile robot manufacturing process, as shown in the video below, the entire process of building a car contains multiple modules, which involves a number of product components, which are interlocked, and will ultimately have an impact on the manufacturing progress of the entire car and the quality of the finished product.

In short, integrators and vehicle manufacturers not only need high-quality controllers and system software, but also other components of mobile robots that are excellent and highly adaptable. One Brain, One Chain provides a practicable solution to help integrators and vehicle manufacturers complete the design and production of mobile robots more smoothly.

Based on a "brain", SEER Robotics has already promoted the establishment of the ecology of the mobile robot industry "chain" (parts and components + vehicle body), provided open technology protocols and knowledge bases for integrators and vehicle builders, and shared supply chain resources, vehicle body resources, and even terminal project resources with them, to deepen the "Build your own AMR fleet within days", and to truly create a new industry of open and shared mobile robots.