DATE: 2023/12/01

In-depth exploration of the automotive industry,build your own ARM fleet within days!

In recent years, with the improvement of the level of automation, the application of mobile robots in the automotive industry has also shown a hot state, especially the auto parts, new energy batteries, third-party logistics and other tracks.

However, the complexity and diversity of the automotive production process and the high degree of automation for safety demands have brought many challenges to the application of mobile robots in the automotive industry. In particular, security and stability are the primary concerns. In the complex and changeable environment of automobile factories, mobile robots need to be able to respond to various emergencies in a timely manner, have stronger adaptability and flexibility, and still be able to maintain normal work in a large number of human-computer interaction environments.

In recent years, SEER Robotics has continuously explored the application of mobile robots in the automotive industry. Based on the experience of many integrators and car manufacturers cooperated with SEER Robotics, the application of mobile robots can be divided into three major fields: auto parts, auto Oems, and automotive logistics.

First--Auto parts

Automotive parts include powertrain, power battery system, chassis system, body system, automotive electronic equipment, tires, interior, charging pile and other subdivisions. The types of spare parts involved and the process links are complex, and mobile robots are widely used in material handling, assembly, testing and other links on the production line of auto parts factories, as well as in the storage management of auto parts, to improve the storage and retrieval efficiency of materials, and greatly improve the overall automation and intelligence of the factory.

Automotive powertrain intelligent logistics solutions」

In the automobile gearbox production workshop, the lifting robot is carrying out the transfer and distribution work of blank, aluminum shell and other processing parts.

Program advantage

Deep adaptation customization: Depending on the type of parts manufactured by customers and the containers used, SEER Robotics supports multiple customization options for the jacking robot, including load weight, body size, jacking stroke, and chassis motion mode.

Universal rack identification: Navigation lidar can be used for rack leg identification, automatic correction can accurately drill into the rack, improve the success rate of loading.

Automobile chassis parts production intelligent logistics solutions」

Automotive chassis parts production workshop, based on the unified resource scheduling system RDS, dozens of heavy-duty omnidirectional roller mobile robots distribute front and rear suspension, battery casings and other components between production lines.

Program advantage

Unified resource scheduling: RDS uses the mobile robot's own storage position to form and manage material caches between production lines and coordinate production capacity fluctuations between previous and subsequent processes.

Global dynamic cooperation: Fully consider the scheduling algorithm of the spatial attitude of multi-mobile robots, and carry out multi-robot path search and traffic control through RDS dynamic global collaborative planning, effectively coordinate the wrong vehicle and avoidance of large-size mobile robots on narrow roads, so that mobile robots can effectively avoid congestion and timely prevent deadlock.

Pre-order to get rid of no-load anxiety: the pre-order mode is supported in the transportation link, and the waybill is assigned to the mobile robot that is about to end the task, and the transportation task is reasonably allocated to reduce the mobile robot's empty speed.

Second--the automobile main engine factory

Automotive Oems include painting, final assembly, line feed and other subdivisions. The application of mobile robots is similar to the field of auto parts, and is mostly used to perform repetitive tasks, such as material handling, assembly, inspection, etc. It can also be used to perform dangerous work on the production line, such as welding, painting, etc., which not only improves the overall efficiency, but also guarantees the personal safety of workers.

Intelligent logistics solution for auto Oems final assembly line」

On the assembly and final assembly lines of automobile O&M, jacking robots and latent traction robots are carrying out SPS streamlined production vehicles or timely distribution of materials.

Program advantage

Beat simulation and simulation of production: Obtain production line beat data, RDS can build beat simulation in 10 minutes, real simulation of production scenes, pre-schedule robots in advance, facilitate adjustment, evaluate the most accurate beat and the number of robots required, and achieve JIT just-in-time production and distribution.

Automatic positioning and error correction: the environment of the assembly workshop has a large change rate, and the combination of natural contour positioning, feature positioning, dynamic map update and other functions is used to strengthen the positioning and error correction ability, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach up to ±2mm, completely solving the problem of "where did the robot go".

Third--Automobile Logistics

Automotive logistics includes Oems local warehouse, spare parts transfer warehouse, after-sales parts warehouse and other subdivisions. Mobile robots can be used for cargo transportation and loading and unloading work, based on autonomous navigation and intelligent path planning, can achieve fast, accurate and efficient delivery of goods, reduce logistics costs, and effectively solve the problem of manpower shortage. In addition, the mobile robot can achieve seamless docking with the warehouse management system, order management system, etc., opening up the last step, realizing real-time data sharing and collaborative work, making the whole process transparent and more controllable, and improving the intelligent level of automotive logistics.

「Auto parts warehouse intelligent logistics solutions」

In the warehouse of automotive logistics parts, the counterweight intelligent forklift truck is used for warehouse turnover, stacking and unstacking, and connecting to the port of the warehouse.

Program advantage

Visual automatic recognition: Equipped with 3D camera, it can automatically identify and complete accurate fork picking of multiple types of pallets, and complete stacking and unstacking of accessories boxes based on Roboview visual guidance.

Real-time storage location detection: Based on Roboview visual storage location management technology, real-time detection of storage location status and upload the unified resource scheduling system RDS, RDS according to whether the storage location is occupied, according to the preset logic automatic order, to achieve instant, flexible turnover and storage.

With SRC controllers and digital software as the core, SEER Robotics and its mobile robot eco-partners continue to explore more intelligent logistics solutions for the automotive industry, providing end customers with efficient, complete and quickly replicable solutions.