DATE: 2023/11/14

SEER Robotics one-stop AMR building solution, building unmanned chassis in just eight steps!

SEER Robotics' one-stop AMR building solution based on SRC controller plays an important role in the mobile robot manufacturing scene with the advantages of powerful functionality, super adaptability and integrated service, providing customers with all-round, efficient, flexible combination and cost-effective mobile robot manufacturing solutions. It has been successfully applied in 3C electronics, photovoltaic, lithium battery, auto parts, semiconductor and other industries, and has produced more than 100 different types of mobile robots, forming a rich and huge ecological partner model library.

How to quickly build an adaptable, powerful mobile robot based on the SRC controller, taking the SRC-880 AMR building example in just eight steps.

Modular design in just eight steps

According to the overall configuration of mobile robots, SEER Robotics divides the components required for AMR building into four modules: core controller, perception module, execution module and energy module.

SEER Robotics provides the most powerful brain controller for mobile robots, powerful performance + rich functions, laying the core foundation for AMR building, creating a variety of choices.

The SRC-880 controller provides the perfect cost-effective solution for building the chassis, with the ultimate ultra-thin body, high integration to free up more space inside the body, and the newly upgraded dual-band high-power Wi-Fi 6 to double the signal coverage without the need for an external client.