Standardized Products, Customized Applications – SEER in 2021 ITES CHINA


SEER has been developing in the field of industrial intelligent logistics for many years. So far, SEER has gradually expanded its market share, and has continuously launched projects in various industries, becoming a well-known brand in the field of intelligent logistics based on its own solid and innovative technology. In 2021, SEER will continue to make great efforts to develop overseas markets, and meanwhile, it will further expand its domestic market and implement a dual-track parallel development strategy for domestic and foreign markets. This year, SEER will be formally introduced to the South China market, which is an important place in this strategy.

After more than 20 years of development, the scale of ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition has grown from 10,000 square meters to 120,000 square meters today. Through in-depth cooperation with leading companies in 15 industries including 3C electronics, medical, semiconductor, textile, and logistics, as well as the construction of a platform for exhibition, docking and exchange, ITES has become the largest advanced manufacturing technology and high-end equipment exhibition in South China, and also the international industrial brand exhibition certified by the the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the the Business of Perferming Audits (BPA). Grasping the current developing trend, ITES will focus on intelligent logistics this year. As the leading enterprise in the field of intelligent logistics, SEER was invited to attend the exhibition as the exclusive enterprise in ITES Shenzhen Industry Exhibition.



In March 30, 2021, 2021 ITES CHINA was grandly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As an important debut in the South China market, SEER, with the theme of "Standardized Products, Customized Applications", made a grand appearance in booth 12-H41 of Robot and Automation Equipment Area in Hall 12.

SEER is full of sincerity in this exhibition. In addition to the well-built booth, it also built a large-scale intelligent logistics demonstration area where it brought the most cutting-edge technology, the latest products, and the customized intelligent logistics solutions for the semiconductor industry. SEER showed its international leading level of intelligent logistics technology and demonstrated the future trend of smart logistics to the South China market, which demonstrated its determination to develop in the South China market.


On-site booth


Robot display area


Smart logistics solutions for semi-conductor industry exhibition area


Standardized Products, Customized Applications



With the increasing of the intelligent development of manufacturing industries in various countries, personal life concepts, corporate management methods and international competition patterns have also changed. Thus, intelligent manufacturing has got unprecedented attention. As the most important part of it, the technology and landing solutions applied in the intelligent logistics also attracted more and more attention. Like other industries, there will be a variety of non-standard problems caused by different clients, products and application scenarios in intelligent logistics, which will lead to difficult implementation of customer projects, long implementation cycle, instability of non-standard products after implementation, etc.

In the field of intelligent logistics and mobile robots, most companies choose to develop and manufacture standard products that meet the basic requirements, in other words, meet the common needs, and then deal with customers' non-standard issues case by case instead of solving the problem fundamentally.

While SEER aims to develop standard products covering all the application requirements of customers. Such standard products can ensure that customers can use their required functions in any industry and any condition, and it is the fastest and easiest way to apply these functions to solve non-standard problems.

How are these functions realized in SEER standard products? That is, through the following three points:

  1. Upward integration, downward opening
  2. Deal with any scene problem with one product
  3. Human-oriented software and hardware tools

In South China market where Shenzhen is located, these non-standard problems are also faced. Therefore, SEER brought the SMART LOGISTICS SOLUTION based on standard products to this exhibition.

Coping with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle:


The SMART LOGISTICS SOLUTION is based on a series of standard products of SEER. The hardware products are SRC core controller and laser SLAM AMR; the software products are SEED of SEER and RoboView- the full-sensing AI logistics system.

01 The most powerful brain of mobile robots: SRC core controller




SRC core controller, the safety controller of AMR, is the most important key product in the SMART LOGISTICS SOLUTION. As a controller common used by AMR product manufacturers, it not only has comprehensive and excellent basic functions which helps to build mobile robots (such as map construction, positioning, navigation, etc.), and it also has rich practical advanced functions to help customers solve all kinds of mobile robot application problems in single stop (such as multi-machine scheduling, automatic charging, 3D obstacle avoidance, etc.). In addition, the SRC core controller has a wide range of applications, which can meet the different application requirements of industrial mobile robots, commercial mobile robots, and automatic forklifts. It also has features such as precise positioning and recognition, ultra-stable navigation, easy deployment and visual management.


Cage identification


3D obstacle avoidance


Freely switched navigation mode


In addition, based on the idea of "upward integration and downward opening", SRC core controller integrates the vast majority of brands in the market for customers to make their own choices, and also opens USB, Ethernet, CAN, RS485, Modbus / TCP, API and other software and hardware interfaces, which are convenient for customers to do the redevelopment for various needs.



"Upward integration and downward opening": the development idea of SRC core controller.

Besides the above functions, SRC-3000FS, the world's first SRC core controller introduced in this exhibition, alsointegrates "safety functions" to realize the integration of navigation and safety, that is, AMR equipment will no longer need safety PLC, which not only reduces the overall cost of AMR products, but also improves the internal integration of AMR equipment, making the space more compact and the electrical connection simpler. SRC-3000FS has passed the SGS professional certification and meets the standards of IEC 61508, IEC 62061 and ISO 13849.

02 Laser SLAM AMR in various forms applied in various conditions.

Equipped with the SRC core controller based on smart logistics solution, a variety of laser SLAM products can be created to meet different requirements, allowing customers to freely choose the product they need in non-standard application scenarios, accelerating the intelligence development of the enterprise.


Laser SLAM products for different customers and conditions


SEER introduced a series of latest products at this exhibition:

Based on the SRC core controller in the smart logistics solution, SEER exhibited a wide range of laser SLAM automatic forklifts, including laser SLAM small stacking automatic forklifts, laser SLAM stacking automatic forklifts, laser SLAM counterbalanced automatic forklifts and so on. They can meet the handling requirements of different application scenarios in the industrial field.


Various types of laser SLAM automatic forklifts


In addition to the above forklifts, SEER has also developed non-standard products in order to respond to more non-standard conditions. The laser SLAM multi-layer picking robot equipped with the SRC core controller can pick and place the goods accurately and flexibly match a variety of working heights. It is the best partner for the factory's line side warehouses.


SEER laser SLAM multi-layer picking robot


SEER laser omni-directional latent jacking transfer robot equipped with SRC core controller also showed at this exhibition. It has an ultra-low chassis and can get under the shelf for lifting and carrying. Its slender body can move omni-directionally without restriction and can handle all kinds of narrow roads freely.


SEER laser omni-directional latent jacking transfer robot


In addition to the above products, SEER specially customized a telescopic robot for this exhibition, which can not only dock precisely, but also carry efficiently.


SEER telescopic robot customized for exhibition


The products exhibited at this exhibition are all equipped with SEER SRC core controller, which can deploy and replace robots with different functions at any time when the scene changes. Various forms of robots can not only help companies choose from multiple sources, reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also shorten the implementation cycle of smart logistics, improve the efficiency of factory handling, and create more value.





Robots working at exhibition site


The SMART LOGISTICS SOLUTION of SEER in this exhibition follows the product idea of "using standardized products to support non-standard applications", establish a closed-loop of the whole industry chain, and integrate a series of people-oriented software and hardware tools to realize the effective application of intelligent logistics for enterprises.

Like hardware products, SEER's software products also follow the same product development idea of "integrating upwards and opening downwards" to solve more non-standard problems for customers.

03 Digital system: SEED

In the process of digital transformation, production-oriented enterprises often encounter  the such problems as the mismatching of existing system and the former process and the difficulties that emerge in the cooperation between human and various types of equipment and robots. Therefore, a digital system is urgently needed to provide transparent business processes which can facilitate customer to optimize, enable the coordinated operation of resources within the system management and control, as well as provide standard and multiple methods for docking and expansion. In order to solve the above problems, SEED provides digital solutions for production-oriented enterprises.

After continuous upgrades and changes, SEED is now composed of three systems: Synergistic Resource Dispatching System for Robots and Automatic Devices (SEED RDS), Converged Warehouse and Logistics Management System (SEED WMS), and Data Visualization System (SEED V). The three systems collaborate each other to help enterprises in their digital transformation.


Synergistic Resource Dispatching System for Robots and Automatic Devices (SEED RDS)


SEED RDS is a dispatch management system based on low-code development that can uniformly dispatch robots and automation equipment. It can not only enable enterprises to prefabricate the business process flexibly, develop rapidly and transparently, but also can provide standard or customized business processes according to different requirements so as to quickly come up with specific solutions for enterprises.


Low-code development  of SEED RDS


Highly imitated business scenarios of SEED RDS


Converged Warehouse and Logistics Management System (SEED WMS)

Seed WMS is a warehouse management system mainly for the manufacturing industry, which integrates a variety of scenarios such as raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, and line side warehouse. It can not only visually display the warehouse status, but also provide accurate logs and business reports for analysis so that enterprises can make timely and accurate decisions. It enables enterprises to manage the warehouse intelligently and efficiently. In addition, it also supports a variety of data exchange modes that can be docked with the existing systems of the enterprise, which is convenient for deployment, docking and future business expansion.


SEED WMS warehousing management


Data Visualization System (SEED V)

With data visualization technology as its core, SEED V can provide customers with data view and customized 3D visualization services. The data view has rich visualization components, cool data view templates, and visualization configuration. Users can drag and drop to create the data view; 3D visualization can combine virtual and reality to realize remote monitoring, remote control and other functions. In addition, SEED V not only supports the docking of RDS, WMS and other SEED systems to access data in the system, but also can dock with customers’ existing systems (such as ERP, MES, WCS, WMS and other information systems) to facilitate companies make multi-dimensional and refined statistical analysis.



04 RoboView

Another software system that has to be mentioned in the smart logistics solution is the RoboView, an AI logistics system with "God's-eye view", which integrates the vision algorithm library, camera library and robot library into a vision application platform. In this way, the camera and solution corresponding to the application can be flexibly selected during deployment, and the AI full-sensing platform integrates a number of key technologies to provide rich information for the logistics management system.

One of the biggest features of RoboView is that it can integrate the stock management into the system more smartly, such as the AGV scheduling system, which not only makes the automated logistics system more streamlined, but also reduces management costs and improves management efficiency. Only a few cameras and a vision server are needed for RoboView to manage the stock in the warehouse. RoboView can be responsible for all the tasks of stock management, and it will be connected with the scheduling system to complete the stock management tasks quietly, such as showing stock full/ empty, stock out/ in, error stock in and so on.


Stock management system of Roboview


Roboview can also solve some thorny problems for customers, such as some dangerous situations that can not be avoided even if more sensors are installed on the automatic forklift in some areas with dense storage, or the problem of unified management of equipment, personnel and goods in the scene of mixed use of personnel, automatic forklift and AMR.


Some dangerous situations that may be encountered in areas with dense storage


In addition, RoboView uses advanced 3D vision algorithms to accurately identify, locate and evaluate the pose information of 3D objects, which is very suitable for high-precision carrying, stacking, obstacle detection and other tasks.

Then, the SMART LOGISTICS SOLUTION of SEER is mainly to solve the non-standard problems in all walks of life, meet all customers' requirements for intelligent logistics. It not only shortens its project implementation cycle and improves the stability of these non-standard products, but can also be quickly adapted when the production line is upgraded, which greatly improves the intelligent development efficiency of the enterprise.

Non-standard applications:

SMART LOGISTICS SOLUTION for the semiconductor industry

Of course, how to truly achieve the goal of "supporting non-standard applications with standardized products" is a very large topic, so how does SEER solve it?

Taking the semiconductor industry in South China market as an example, SEER moved a production line of the semiconductor industry to the exhibition site, namely smart logistics solution for the semiconductor industry: a scene in the middle process of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. That is, to put materials into the production equipment and collect the semi-finished products processed by the process.

In the traditional semiconductor industry, common issues are:

l In order to ensure the 24-hour error-free operation of the production line, workers need to change shifts continuously;

l Each production line needs to be equipped with at least 3 staff (feeding operators, unloading operators and material transferers). If the feeding is not timely and the feeding time exceeds 10 minutes, the production line will be shut down. At this time, the pH value change caused by the stoppage of electroplating solution in the line will increase the probability of defective products.

The solutions provided by SEER are as follows:

  Composite robot

  Vision Station

  Latent robot

The value that this solution can bring:

  Free up labor resources, ensure continuous and stable transportation, and achieve real cost reduction and efficiency enhancement;

  Combine with the factory management system to digitize material turnover, accurately track and monitor the status of transportation progress, and flexibly allocate turnover;

  Unmanned and intelligent production can also be realized if equipped with other digital equipment and software.


SEER smart logistics solution for Semiconductor Industry


Three daily technical speeches + industry high-end technology forum sharing

In order to make the audience better understand the concept of "supporting non-standard applications with standardized products", there were three technical speeches on the exhibition site every day: Supporting Non-standard Applications with Standardized Products, SRC: SEER makes building AMR easier and How to Support Non-standard Applications with Standard Forklifts, which analyzed the practice and extension of SEER in non-standard applications in intelligent logistics from typical non-standard scenarios.



Live presentation


At the same time, SEER was warmly invited as the opening guest by the organizer China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance, ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition and the New Strategic Mobile Robot Industry Research Institute. At the Warehousing and Logistics Intelligent Development Engineering Conference, Mr. Ye Yangsheng, co-founder and product director of SEER, gave a speech of Supporting Non-standard Applications with Standardized Products, hoping that the concept can be conveyed to customers in South China through this sharing, and looking forward to developing the South China market together with the organizers.


Ye Yangsheng, co-founder and product director of SEER, gave a speech at the forum


In addition, "Chip Enabling Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade - 2021 China Chip & Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Summit" also invited SEER as the exclusive enterprise in the field of smart logistics to introduce its standardized products. Ms. Yang Li, Marketing Director of SEER, gave an introduction to the non-standard applications of smart logistics proposed by SEER for the subject of non-standard, and shared the idea of "supporting smart manufacturing applications with standardized products", hoping to provide better services for the South China market together with the leaders of the smart manufacturing industry.


Ms. Li Yang, Marketing Director of SEER, gave a speech at the same Summit Forum


As a famous exhibition, ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition has been innovating and following the new market trend over the past 20 years. This time, ITES opened the "ITES 'smart' guest room" and invited SEER to be a guest in the live room. Mr. Ren Zhenbin, Product Director of SEER Forklift Trucks, gave an introduction to the use of standard forklifts to support non-standard applications for customers to get the latest information anywhere and anytime.

SEER × RoboSense establish strategic cooperation partnership

SEER, as an enterprise benchmark in the field of smart logistics, has successively reached long-term strategic cooperation with SGS, SICK, Ruibote, Hairou Innovation and other companies. While entering into the South China market, it has reached strategic cooperation with many enterprises in South China. This time, SEER also signed a strategic cooperation agreement withRoboSense, a well-known lidar brand. Mr. Shi Yi, Vice President of Marketing of RoboSense, was invited to attend this signing ceremony and witnessed SEER released the latest forklift. He said, "the automatic forklift developed by SEER can greatly improve the efficiency of factory handling and is safe and reliable. RoboSense has reached a strategic cooperation with SEER. SEER and RoboSense will further expand the functions and scenarios of automatic forklifts, and deepen the application and popularization of automatic forklifts in smart factories."


Speech by Mr. Zhang Sui, deputy general manager of SEER


Speech by Mr. Shi Yi, vice president of marketing of RoboSense


SEER automatic forklift is equipped with a new generation of 32-line lidar by RoboSense. Its biggest feature is the 70° ultra-wide vertical field angle which has a downward detect angle of 55°. The lidar can detect the low objects near the ground and the forward objects on the driving path of the forklift. It not only makes the automatic forklift more stable in the face of complex environment, but also adapts to the outdoor large-scale positioning. In addition, the increased field of vision in the vertical direction can also make the automatic forklifts more effectively in detecting the obstacles at close distances, which can greatly improve the safety of automatic forklifts, and make automatic forklifts more reliable and flexible.


Schematic diagram and measured point cloud picture of SEER automatic forklift with longitudinal 70 ° sensing coverage


Schematic diagram and measured point cloud picture of SEER automatic forklift with 360 ° sensing coverage


The cooperation between SEER and RoboSense will inject a strong impetus to the application of forklifts in smart logistics, and will also play a huge role in promoting the intelligent leapfrog development of factories in the South China market. SEER and RoboSense will also work together for a win-win result to create a more concise, convenient and easy-to-operate solution of smart logistics solution for the South China market.


Group photo of SEER x RoboSense


Strength + Sincerity = Popularity

At the exhibition, SEER not only displayed its flagship products, smart logistics solution and the smart logistics solutions for semiconductor industry, but also made various forum speeches and interactive lottery draws. Rich activities, strong strength and unique program demonstration have attracted extensive attention from audience and media. SEER also received exclusive interviews from more than a dozen media including Industrial Control Network, OFWEEK, Gaogong Robot and New Strategy.


Great popularity


In addition, SEER brought its products to the site and shared technical knowledge with sincerity, which attracted many customers to watch. With continuous on-site consultation, the staff were busy but still orderly and energetic!


On-site customer consultation


Whether it is at the exhibition site, in a summit forum, or in a live broadcast room, SEER can always receive great popularity. Thus, SEER has the confidence to develop in the South China market and get ready for the overall layout of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.

Dual-track construction of domestic and foreign markets to jointly build a smart logistics industry

With the acceleration of the development of industrial intelligence, the intelligent logistics industry is gradually rising. More and more enterprises see the great value of intelligent logistics for factories. SEER puts the technological innovation at the first place, injects source power into the domestic intelligent logistics market, promotes the rapid development of the entire intelligent logistics industry, and improves the new momentum of the intelligent logistics industry.

Now, SEER has entered the South China market with the product idea of "supporting non-standard applications with standardized products". It has full confidence to cultivate in the South China market and further expand the market to all parts of the country. SEER always emphasizes openness and win-win cooperation, and it looks forward to working with industry leaders to convey the product idea to the whole country, build a virtuous circle of smart logistics alliances, promote the rapid development of the smart logistics industry, improve the China's smart manufacturing technology to the international leading level, and lead the transformation of global smart logistics!

About SEER

Shanghai Seer Intelligent Technology Corporation (SEER) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent manufacturing and wisdom logistics. Its business covers general-purpose AMR controllers, automatic forklifts, visual industrial system software and intelligent machine vision solutions, providing one-stop solutions & services for customers in various industries, and committed to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading to informatization, digitalization and intelligentization.

From discovering demands to satisfying demands, from satisfying demands to creating demands, SEER has been constantly seeking breakthroughs in customers' needs and its own multi-level needs, focusing on industrial intelligentization and implementing open innovation to create value for its partners.

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