DATE: 2023/12/12

Focusing on the 3C Industry, SEER Robotics Creates a Complete Intelligent Logistics Solution

For a long time, the 3C industry has been one of the main forces in the downstream application of mobile robots. Despite the continuous emergence of various emerging strong industries, but in terms of the number of mobile robot applications, the 3C industry is still not to be underestimated.

With powerful and easy to use mobile robot controller and system software, as well as a huge partner model library, complete mobile robot industry chain ecology, professional services and perfect knowledge base, SEER Robotics has launched hundreds of benchmarking projects in the 3C industry, winning the trust and recognition of customers.

In the early stage, with the transformation of labor-intensive industries to intelligent industries, the demand for mobile robots in the 3C industry has increased sharply. 3C industry products have short cycle, diversified characteristics, high requirements for the flexibility of the production line, mobile robots based on automation Settings, can flexibly adapt to the rapid change of 3C products, improve production efficiency.

At present, the 3C industry is a huge market dominated by the battle for stock, and the innovative application of mobile robots has also brought new vitality to the 3C industry. The high scalability of mobile robots provides powerful convenience for the intelligent upgrade of 3C industry.Through close cooperation with other automation equipment in the factory, mobile robots can easily build a complete intelligent production line and realize the full automation of the production process; In addition, mobile robots support digital management mode, docking with customer ERP, MES and other business systems, so as to facilitate enterprises to optimize production, accurately control the production rhythm, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the factory.

「Two-way empowerment, collaborative upward」is the best interpretation of both mobile robots and 3C industry.

The picture above shows the upper, middle and lower reaches of the 3C industrial chain, in which the application of mobile robots has deeply penetrated into various subdivisions of the 3C industry, and runs through the logistics link of the entire 3C manufacturing process. SEER Robotics has realized the automation and intelligence of the handling, assembly, storage, sorting and other links of raw materials, products in process, and finished products.

The intelligent logistics solution of the 3C industry contains a complete portfolio of hardware and software products.

At the software level, we provide RDS unified resource scheduling system, MWMS warehouse distribution integration system, visual series of products, covering from robot scheduling to finished product warehousing, logistics and then to robot panoramic monitoring and other links, all software fully combined with mobile robot design, from the core layer to support mobile robots and other intelligent equipment, open up the seamless connection between hardware and software, intelligent logistics is more efficient.

At the hardware level, SEER Robotics provides a mobile robot model library based on SRC controller, including latent lifting robot, omnidirectional lifting robot, rotary lifting robot, ground forklift truck, stacking forklift truck, counterweight forklift truck, tank robot, composite robot, roller robot and other diversified mobile robot products.

For different scenes in the production link of the 3C industry, SEER Robotics will start from the three major scenes of raw materials, products in process and finished products, analyze the pain points of the corresponding scenes and provide solutions.

Raw Materials

Pain Points

Raw material import and export logistics link due to the electronic components SKU, large amount, refueling、replenishment or line change frequently, high management difficulty, the operation process can not effectively prevent stay and prevent mistakes, once the manual error, the cost of remediation is very high, may lead to mass rework and long time stop line.


Based on MWMS warehouse distribution integrated system can reduce more than 90% manual operation, raw materials warehousing、picking or distribution can be automated, intelligent operation, effective anti-stay and anti-error. MWMS can be seamlessly connected with ERP, MES and other customer systems, business processes can be two-way traceability, effectively respond to production quality problems.

Taking SMT production line of raw materials as an example, we can provide tray robot and modular shelf combination, which can increase warehouse capacity step by step according to production capacity demand, and ensure lower expansion cost through modular shelf setting.


Pain Points

In the product workshop environment is diverse and complex, the past handling mode has left a large number of magnetic stripe cars on the site, the route is long, and the logistics channel for mobile robots is small and the working space is limited.

The overall transformation cost is high and the cycle is long, too large changes may affect the production efficiency, and even the factory shutdown; Warehousing, warehousing, prolific line circulation, a variety of logistics handover links in the factory are complex, higher requirements for intelligent logistics.


The jacking robot based on laser SLAM can realize the real trackless autonomous navigation, without special transformation of the site, the robot can walk and carry independently, seamlessly connect the workflow, and adapt to various production environments.

SEER Robotics lifting robots support smaller size, thinner body and smaller blind area, and provide a one-stop AMR building solution based on SRC controller, which can manufacture more suitable mobile robots according to the site conditions.

Finished Product

Pain Points

Different types and specifications of goods in the finished product workshop can not be mixed and stacked, otherwise it will affect the production process and product quality.

Based on traditional manual operation, it is difficult to identify and track goods, which is not only inefficient but also high cost, and difficult to guarantee production safety.


In the stacking process, RoboView visual AI solution is introduced to identify the goods, ensure the stacking accuracy, distinguish the types of the pallet unloading end and the connection end, ensure that no mixing occurs, and improve the space utilization rate; Through RoboView to realize the identification of different pallets, accurately indicate the stacking of forklifts, to ensure production safety.

MWMS warehouse distribution integration system can provide traditional warehouse business services and data management support for the factory, and can also manage various types of mobile robots and intelligent equipment, to achieve the integration of warehousing and distribution, and the integration of goods tracking process in the factory is smoother.

In this process, SEER Robotics provides stacking intelligent forklift truck and AMB chassis combination products, forklift truck can be used to carry out transfer, stacking operations, based on AMB chassis can be connected to different types of upper mechanism, such as roller, lifting, manipulator, latent traction, according to the actual business needs, matching the corresponding production line, reduce the cost of mobile robot manufacturing and selection. Improve the cost performance.