DATE: 2023/12/20

What are the characteristics of a safety lifting robot?

Safety has always been a key topic in the field of mobile robots. SEER Robotics attaches great importance to and strictly controls the safety factors of the whole series of products, takes safety delivery as the top priority, and provides customers with excellent quality product portfolio of controllers + AMRs combination + digital software」,relying on the One Core (SRC+Software), One Chain (mobile robot ecosystem)」. To create new value for customers, so that help them to build their own AMR fleet within days.

This year, SEER Robotics further enriched its safety product line by launching the safety lifting up handling robot AMB-1000JS, which was put into use in April and won the favor of many European customers when it was exhibited at Hannover Messe in Germany.

At present, the safety product line of SEER Robotics has successfully covered four standard products: mobile robot controllers, AMR chassises, autonomous forklifts and lifting robots.

At the beginning of its development, AMB-1000JS strictly adhered to the core design principles of safety and stability, integrated the past lifting robot application scenarios, from hardware equipment, software debugging, safety functions and other aspects of the implementation of business risk factor assessment and testing, to ensure that in various operating situations, AMB-1000JS can provide safe and reliable services. To meet the needs of various application scenarios.

CE certification, security guarantee

All safety features of AMB-1000JS are designed according to ISO 13849-1 standard, and the product has passed CE certification, including MD Mechanical Safety Directive, RED Radio Safety Directive, EMC Electromagnetic Safety Directive.

As a recognized entry threshold of the European Union, CE certification has strict regulations on the safety and reliability of products. Obtaining this certification marks the further improvement of the competitiveness of SEER Robotics products in the European market.

Among them, the MD Machinery Safety Directive adopts the EN ISO3691-4:2020 standard, which is known as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive safety standards in the European Union.

The standard makes more detailed scene classification and specific quantification requirements in the evaluation dimension, and the safety level requirements are upgraded to performance level.

AMB-1000JS battery has passed UN38.3 certification, which is the relevant provisions formulated by the United Nations for the transport of dangerous goods; It has also passed the CNAS certified air and sea cargo transportation conditions appraisal report to ensure the safety of battery transportation.

Safe lifting, multi-dimensional protection

AMB-1000JS has safety design in the external fuselage device and internal software algorithm to maximize the safety of the robot.

The safety system of AMB-1000JS is mainly controlled by the safety controller SRC-3000FS, which regulates the input and output of safety-related functions, and forms a safety loop with safety laser, safety encoder, safety emergency stop button, drive motor and other components to realize the control safety of mobile robot and ensure the safety of the working environment of mobile robot.

AMB-1000JS is equipped with two SICK nanoscan3 Core safety lasers, which support 360° omnidirectional perception, avoid obstacles without dead corners, detect up to 40 m, and reach a height of 175 mm.

Internally, based on SEER Robotics SLAM algorithm, the AMB-1000JS can automatically plan deceleration and stop obstacles, and report the blocking light belt as purple.

When people or obstacles appear in the laser protection area, the robot will enter the protection stop state until the protection area becomes clear and can continue to operate. When the operating speed is greater than 1 m/s, the laser safety range is large, and the brake will start to stop when it is far from the obstacle, if it is less than 1 m/s, the range is small, and the brake will stop when it is close.

AMB-1000JS synchronously configures SICK security encoder to achieve accurate perception, positioning, operation and control. The safety encoder supports stability function, speed monitoring and protection function, which can ensure that the robot can immediately enter the protection stop state when there is an anomaly, and cannot be driven.

AMB-1000JS is also equipped with safety emergency stop button and warning light, audible warning and other safety devices, in the event of an emergency, the staff can be informed and handle the anomaly in time.

SEER Robotics always puts product safety in the first place, and is committed to providing global users with high-quality, safe and reliable intelligent logistics complete solutions to help the global intelligent logistics upgrade.